Access and Manage Your BBM Channel Using A Computer From The Web Via BBM WEB PORTAL

Not everyone is actually exposed to BBM channels but for those who knows, this post is actually meant for you.

BBM Channel, just like other social network channel, is a medium at which you communicate with your fans. For some blog owners, we use BBM Channels in keeping our readers updated with our latest updates but then, it’s limited to those who have subscribed to our channel.

BBM Channel web portal

Before now, we’d update the channel with our mobile device which is pretty hectic and thus, deprives us from updating the channel regularly but since we got to know of the Web portal, updating and managing our channels just got easier just like the whatsapp Web feature.

Actions You Can Take Using The BBM Channel Web Portal

Using the BBM WEB PORTAL, you can delete comments, post contents, view your subscribers list and visits, view engagements and more.

bbm channel using computer via web portal

You can also set up or create a new BBM Channel from the Web version. Trust me when I say, if you own a PC, using the Web version portal is more easy than using the BBM app.


Simply visit the BBM WEB PORTAL Here. Click on Get started and Fill in your log in details. If doing this for the first time, an email will be sent to your mail box requesting you to verify or confirm. After confirmation, you can log into your blackberry account and access your BBM Channel (s).

You can subscribe to our BBM Channel by Clicking or Tapping Here. Remember to subscribe to the channel and you will be getting updates via BBM. Don’t be scared. Updates won’t be communicated to you via BC, instead, you will see them on your Feeds Update on BBM.

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  • Hello Samuel,

    Thanks for this post. However I have a challenge, i scheduled some post on my channel via web (this is my first time of posting via web thou after reading your article) but its showing on my post via the web account but cant view them on my phone.

    Can you advise or do you have an idea why its so.


    • Henry, I have sometimes experienced that as well. It doesn’t mean your subscribers are not seeing the post. I am pretty sure you are using a bb10 phone. You can access your channel via your phone and wait a few seconds. You would realize that your scheduled post went live during the time it was set to.

      • Hello Samuel,

        Thanks for the feedback. Am actually using Bold 5 thou to update the channel. after I read your feedback actually used my friend’s phone to check and i saw the the post but on web it still shows that no one has read it the post, cos with a small subscriber base i still get encouraged wit the number of people that read each post.

        I really appreciate your assistance.

        Many thanks.

  • Please I would like to know if at all I can view the names of those that ate subscribed to my channel aside the numbers of subscribes thanks..

      • u can follow my bbm channel E+, nice post btw, i really wished BBm pushed and supported this platform much more , dextop app and ability to follow anf full control on individual app not withstanding still pushing it on BBM

    • Click on subscribers and double tap the subscribers icon, you will see all your followers. You will not be able to view them in a large format/delete or block them.

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