Best 3 Web-Hosting Companies In Nigeria Accepting Payment Using Naira

For some reasons best known to internet users and website owners or intending owners, one might decide to use Nigerian Web-Hosting Companies In hosting their website.

If you’ve been reading a lot about SEO and related subjects, it’s often advised that you host your website close to your target audience.

What that means is, if you aim to target the Nigerian market, it’s probably a good idea to use a Nigerian host. If deciding to use a Nigerian host, you should aim for reliability.

Finding a reliable Nigerian host can be pretty tasky. I mean, the search can be really tough. I wish i could personally publish a post detailing List Of Best Nigerian Web hosting companies. But, i personally haven’t tried too many and i really cannot recommend what i haven’t tried. Perhaps, you should check out this post before getting started with choosing a host.

Maybe in the future, if i eventually decide to try more local hosts, I’d put up one or two reviews. Until then, I’m pretty comfortable with the host I’m currently using.

Best 3 Web-Hosting Companies In Nigeria That Accept Payment Using Naira

If you are curious to knowing which Nigerian web hosting company accept payment via Naira, this post will come in handy.

If you happen to be among those in need for the often talked about best hosting companies situated in Nigeria, then listed on this page are the top 3 I’d recommend you check out.

Normally, if you visit search engines related to topics of this nature, you definitely going to find alot of hosting websites claiming to be the best and reliable service but the truth is, not all are good. You might probably try them out and get disappointed.

Please do not get me wrong. There are loads of companies providing reliable and trusted services but most of them do not live up to what they promise. Hence, it is strongly advisable that you take out time when choosing your hosting company.

Best 3 Web-Hosting Companies In Nigeria

1. SYSKAY Hosting company

Syskay systems is one reliable hosting company I have used in the past and their service is reliable and cheap. The Nigerian Web hosting company has been offering web-hosting in Nigeria since 2006 and what they offer are relatively cheap.

For as low as N2500 you can get a 500MB to 2GB of monthly bandwidth and they accept payment via GTBank and Zenith. They also just added a medium of paying via ATM card online. However, that is something I haven’t tried.

2. SMARTWEB Online Solutions

SmartWeb online solutions is a fast growing web-hosting company gaining reputation by the day and it was launched in 2004. Although I personally have not tried using this web hosting company, I know some couple of Nigerian blogs and websites hosting with Smartweb.

They also offer a relatively cheap hosting and payment can be made in Naira.

3. Web4Africa

Web4Africa offers linux and windows hosting plus lots of useful features. You can also register a .ng domain under Web4Africa which generally isn’t common among other hosting companies.

Although hosting on web4africa isn’t as cheap as other listed companies, it is said that they offer a reliable service and have got support via emails.

Summary: I personally no longer host with Nigerian Hosting companies for best reasons known to me which is typically based on my experience with them. I do not think they provide quick customer care service for some internal technical issues like International hosting companies do.

Besides, I am not very certain as to whether or not, they provide free website transfer service. If you already have an existing website with the internet to move, free website transfer service is something you should inquires before getting into a contract.

In my subsequent posts, I will be writing on more hosting companies alongside companies in Nigeria where you can purchase domain names.

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  • I strongly recommend which is a Nigerian based hosting company. I mean, I’m going straight to the point because I’ve seen that you actually didn’t review any ‘free hosting company in this list (tho topic is quite specific). Make sure to give it a look at the features and you will see that specs offered on paid sites aren’t variating that much from it and sometimes you get even a better a deal. Cheers for the read!

  • Thank you for this post, has been down and i lost hope in Nigeria hosting company, I decided to search online and came accross link on google. I read the article and saw that web4africa prices are too high for me when i visited their site. Then i scroll down to the comments I saw and I decided to give them a try, at first i didn’t belive the hosting company was a Nigerian hosting company. I registered for Professional Package and I have never regret hosting with them.

    • Hello Johnson, thanks for taking out time to post a comment. If you look carefully at the original host, 9hoster isn’t on the list. They almost run a friend’s blog out of business. Luckily for him, he had a backUP. I wouldn’t advice 9jahoster in any case. I haven’t tried plimorehost before. Good to say you are doing well with them. All the very best buddy.

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    4), Least Product is Beginner Shared Hosting = N2,500. 1GB Web Disk, 4GB Bandwidth

    5), Least Product is Starter Shared Hosting = N3,500. 1GB Web Disk, 2GB Bandwidth

    6), Least Product is Bronze Shared Hosting = N4,000. 5GB Web Disk, 50GB Bandwidth

    7), Least Product is Personal Shared Hosting = N3,504. 200MB Web Disk, 5GB Bandwidth

    8), Least Product is Extra Mini Shared Hosting = N2,000. 250MB Web Disk, 500MB Bandwidth

    9), Least Product is Small Shared Hosting = N5,000. 1GB Web Disk, 10GB Bandwidth

    10), Least Product is Starter Shared Hosting = N2,500. 1GB Web Disk, 4GB Bandwidth

    • Personally, I’d believe most foreign hosts are much reliable and they are more experienced then most Nigerian web hosts.

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