Blackberry Z3 – Specifications, Price In Nigeria, Get 500MB Free From Etisalat

For all those who have been looking out to owning a blackberry 10 phone, this might just be a perfect timing with the blackberry Z3.

The Blackberry Z3 is the newest flagship smartphone from blackberry which is now available in Nigeria.

Although, the blackberry passport smart phone which look cool will soon be available in Nigeria and when that is due, we will let you know.

It’s not doubt that Blackberry is trying hard to regain the mobile market especially with the release of bb10 phones.

If you are the type who is looking out to spending less money in data subscription but getting good data space, then owning a blackberry 10 phone is the best bet.

Often at times, I have always mentioned that data subscription on bb10 phones can be used on other wireless devices via hotspot and that means surfing on your laptop, android, ipad or other devices with the aid of your bb10.

Having said that, I do not think its necessary I go about stating the advantages of using bb10 phone since I already stated that in the post where I talked on reasons why I disagree to the fact that blackberry sucks.

As earlier stated, this might just be the perfect timing to own a bb10 phone as you can purchase the blackberry z3 smart phone and get 500MB free data from etisalat.

Obviously, you can tether and use the free MB on your laptop or android device.

Sounds cool right?

But this offer is only available to those who purchase from Konga which happens to be one of the leading online shopping store in Nigeria.

Buy Blackberry Z3 From Konga In Nigeria and Get 500MB Free From Etisalat

Personally, the free 500MB data attached to this products is what makes it Fascinating and Yes, its pretty affordable at a price of N34400.

Buy Now!

Upon purchase of the smart phone device from Konga, you get 500MB free for 12 months.

Now, let me explain how that works.

For the first month of purchase, you get 500MB free. For the remaining 11 months, you get 500MB free if you purchase 500 data subscription on the etisalat network.

That’s like getting 1GB of data for 11 months if you subscribe for just 500MB.

What’s More?

The first 500 persons get Free Arial 7 Headset.

When buying from Konga, I would advise you choose to pay on delivery. Deliveries are done within 7 days of order been received.

Using this method ensures that you receive your product before paying for it and you are allowed to test run to make sure everything is fine before paying.

How To Get The Free Etisalat 500MB After Purchase

Step #1. TEXT MID to 8186 to get this Data Plan
Step #2. Remember 1st Month – Free 500MB
Step #3. Remaining 11 months – Free additional 500MB for every 500MB purchased

Wouldn’t you want to dive into this opportunity?

Buy Now!

If you wait too long before purchasing the Blackberry Z3 from Konga, you might miss out on the freebies attached to the device hence you are advised to place orders asap.

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