Buying And Importing Goods From Aliexpress Free Shipping Works – My Experience

Aliexpress is not new and as a matter of fact, you may be wondering how come i am just coming up with this post now after all these years. Well, the gospel truth is that i haven’t tried using the site until recently and until i get detailed fact, i didn’t want to write anything about it.

Based on the fact that i recently ordered some products on Aliexpress site with some level of skepticism and using the free delivery service, i got it delivered few days back and i have decided to come up with a full experience to aid those who are thinking whether or not the site deals are legit.

This post will contain all the process it entailed, how it worked and pretty much everything you should know. If you’ve got any question (s), i am more than happy to respond using the comment session.

Buying From Aliexpress Online Market – The Process

It was precisely on the 30th of Last month being September, that i made orders for two items on Aliexpress. When trying to buy from the site, there are two factors i was looking very much interested in other than the items i am looking at purchasing and that’s the Customers Feedback and Ratings.

Customers feedback and ratings isn’t just essential when it comes to the online shopping mall, it’s required in pretty much any dealing. You should be keen on whether people think about a certain product or seller before committing your hard earned money.

shopping from aliexpress to Nigeria using free shipping

These two things come to place when looking at not being scammed. If a buyer has been scammed before, he/she will post a feedback comment which anyone who wants to buy from that seller will see and have a change of heart.

The rating clearly states how genuine the seller and the products are. These two things should be put to consideration when buying from any popular online market.

Payment Methods On Aliexpress

Personally, i made payment using my credit card details (Access bank Visa Card precisely) since they do not have PayPal payment method. Before making payments, please be sure that the details in your account are accurate and you have also verified your email address.

Making payments using your local credit card means you will be charged at your bank’s current exchange rate. When buying from the online shopping mall as a Nigerian, the price is in US Dollars. Making payment using my credit card which obviously is in Naira value, i was charged the exchange rate.

Free Shipping On Aliexpress – How It Works

Yes! I actually choose the free shipping method. Using this method doesn’t require me making any extra payment for the items purchased.

Most express shipping services like EMS, DHL and sorts charge pretty high for a common wrist watch. Free shipping was definitely the way to go. However, free shipping ain’t always the best options every time.

If you are choosing to use free shipping service, you should be getting your product in 2 weeks time or even more. This solely depends on when the product was shipped by the seller. Another reason your product could take longer time, is your location. Using paid corrier/shipping services like EMS and DHL takes only a matter of days before you receive your product. Faster, but expensive.

Owing to the fact that i wasn’t willing to pay that high amount of money for shipping (the cost of shipping was more expensive than the product(s) bought), free shipping was the only option i was left with.

How Long Did The Free Shipping Take For Me To Get My Product?

22 days if my calculations are correct. As earlier stated, i placed my orders and made payments on the 30th of September, 2014. I got the items received at the post office here in Lagos, Nigeria precisely on the 22nd of October, 2014.

I am sure you should be able to do the math and correct me if i miscalculated. As you can tell, 22 days is a whole lot of time. That’s about 3 weeks and a day. It took that long to receive my ordered item here in Nigeria.

Requirements Before Being Given Your Product At The Post Office

Since using free shipping, the goods do not get delivered to your doorstep. Instead, it is delivered to the nearest post office.

I don’t know about other countries but in Nigeria, a valid proof of identity is required before collection. Being Naive at that point, i thought going to the post office with my tracking codes will do, but i was wrong.

On getting there, i was told to present my ID card. Since i didn’t go with any initially, i had to return home to get my working ID card. Presenting it, it was declined and it was made clear that a Drivers License, National ID Card or an International Passport are the accepted means of identity. Hence, i had to return home again and search for my National ID card before i could get my items.

I am sure you’d like to see what i ordered for, right?? Oh well, nothing much. Just a blazer and a wrist watch. Those were the stuffs that were on my mind as at when looking at what to purchase from the site. See the picture before before they were unwrapped by yours truly.


Just those little things depended that much stress on my part. But, i guess it was worth it as i am more experienced now and i get to share with you, my esteemed readers.

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There you have it. My detailed experience with shopping on Aliexpress. If you have any questions as regards shopping on aliexpress, feel free to convey it to me using the comment session and i will reply you. Cheers!

About the author

Samuel Adeniyi

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 馃槈


  • I would like to know more about the shipping part… if I use my home 脿ddress do I get notified by the post that my parcel is in?

  • Thank you?. And about Escrow, how does that work ? Do I need to create an Escrow account, or is it a part of the payment process?

    • You can use your home address. However, if using free shipping option, the package will be delivered to the post office closest to the home address you inputted.

  • Sir you said you use China mail
    My question is where can I get that mail from. Am confused
    Also how did they convert their USD to Naira and also which debit or credit card is now accepted as of this year??
    Visa, MasterCard?

    • Usually, when you choose to use freeshipping, the seller uses china mail in sending your item(s). The USD to Naira conversation rate is dictated by your bank. In my case, i used a VISA card.

  • okay but last time I checked the goods are going to the post office in the first place irrespective of the address one dropped .. I just wanted to be clear, as for valid means of ID, i only have my school ID.. anyways thanks but I think there’s no problem.

  • Ho, I just ordered for a phone on aliexpress and my payment is still bring verified, however the issue is,I dropped the address of the nearest post office to me as my shipping address instead of my home address, this of course wasn’t intended, its partly due to the fact that never knew I was supposed to drop my home address, since it’s most likely that the goods are collected from the post office and also my area doesn’t have house addresses yet. So I felt it was easier using Ikeja post office address. However, just to be sure I hope this won’t pose a problem

    • Well, it could. However, if you have the tracking number and can provide a valid means of identification to show you own the item(s), you should be fine.

  • Hi, I’m in south Africa, I’m planning to order a phone, do you think it will be safe/ will i get it if I use aliexpress free shipping? Would it be delivered to the post office or my address, And how long do you think it will take? Thanks 馃檪

    • Hello Matthew, you should be able to receive your ordered item(s) in South Africa using free shipping. It will be delivered to the post office closest to you. I can’t give a definite date. Max of 30 days should be fine though.

  • Hi Sam, I ordered a Xiaomi phone last week and the last tracking info was that the item has been dispatched to overseas country. Question is how long till from here on out will the package be delivered?

    • Well, depending on your location, it can take between 14 to 21 days. Sometimes more. Just keep tracking using the tracking number given.

    • Chris, track your order using the tracking number given to you by the seller. If it is already at your location, you should visit the closest post office and make inquiry.

  • I was asking one seller in aliexpress about the free shipping via china post registered airmail, it say i have to pay the freight. I dont understand i thought its by free juz the amount of items i will pay.

  • I have ordered for something for almost three months still haven’t received it….I don’t know whether to go to post office….because my purchase protection has ended

  • pls Sir,hv been wanting to import jewelries and watches for sale frm aliexpress but been a novice am so confused especially as it regards import duties, lik at wat instances ar you expected to pay an not to pay? ar ther ways of avoiding it? also going tru d website i discovered i may eventually end up buyin from different sellers and as such is there a way of collating the items together, so much confusion Sir,pls cud u shed more light. thnx

    • Hello Bukola, if using free shipping option, you won’t be charged any extra except for the money you will be requested to pay at the post office which is based on the weight of the item(s).

      In regards grouping all orders from different buyers into one, i am honestly not sure that’s possible. Except of course, you are buying from one store / seller.

      Any further questions, feel free to ask.

  • pls sir am unable to long in aliexpress and place order with my nokia E63 is der any platform i can use to do it

  • @samuel, one of my friend in United States want to used is American express card to buy goods online and ship it to Nigeria, is this possible, am the one to receive the goods in Nigeria, I asked him to use aliexpress

  • Please can one be able to use free shipping for goods delivery to Nigeria, if one orders for goods from a company in South Africa or China without using Aliexpress?

    • Michael, I am not sure i fully understand what your question is. If using aliexpress and the seller is offering free shipping, Yes. It can be delivered to Nigeria for free. However, do bear in mind that depending on the size of the item, you will be required to pay some certain amount at the post office.

  • Samuel nice post. I ordered four items from four different sellers. One just arrived the post office, and I think they will all arrive at different dates. Should I wait for all the items to arrive or as soon as an item arrives I’ll go immediately to pick it up.

    • Dennis, whichever you think rocks your boat. If they will all be available in a space of one week, waiting for them all could save you time and maybe, money.

  • Hi Samuel very helpful post by the way. I just recieved a call from the post office but I’m not around town if I delay say a week or two to collect my package would it still be there for me to pick up or is it safe to delay picking it up.

    • Stephen, it’s not advisable to delay your package when it’s already available (so they told me). However, a period of one week is still very feasible.

    • @Dammy, just one iPhone and they are asking you to pay 17k? Tell them to weigh it before charging you because normally, they charge per weight of the item you are receiving.

  • I get to the post office today to collect my items (iPhone 5) I was ask to pay 17k which I don’t even have with me… What can I do about this

    • @Dammy, waaaaaaaaaaaah! 17k? That’s way too much. Are your items that much? Perhaps you can try talking with the attendant and the price could be reduced.

  • I was sent a pascal from the US, I track my items on….this is what I saw there..

  • Thanks a lot Samuel. I actually received the call today for the goods collection. My experience is just the same as yours. I’ll be headed to the post office later today or tomorrow.

  • Hello Sam. Are you contacted once the goods have arrived or how is it done? Or how did you know your goods had arrived. Thats all i need to know. thanks

    • Toty, although I’d know when the goods have arrived via tracking, i am usually also contacted by a post office personnel.

      • Thanks a lot Samuel. I really appreciate it! Now i’ll just have to wait for that post office call. I ordered some products, still awaiting arrival.
        From tracking i see they have already arrived. The Ali-express site indicates (Arrived at Destination Country): “Arrival at inward office of exchange” what does this mean?

  • hello, pls i need you to enlighten me of aliexpress. i want to order for some items on aliexpress with free shipping but i am scared that the items would take loong time before it gets to me since its free shipping. my question is that is there any reason why it would take like 60 days before it gets to me because i want it within 2-3 weeks.
    or should i just go with EMS, and also would the items be delivered to my door step if i use ems and would i have to pay extra money for it?
    sorry my questions are too much, pls kindly reply. thanks.

    • Zainy, free shipping passes through quite a number of processes and that causes the delay. I have made orders and received them within 3 weeks. This just depends. Now, in relation to using EMS, i think it will still be deposited at the closest post office. More so, of course, using ems isn’t free. There is a charge and it’s faster in terms of delivery.

  • I track my order, what I see there is ” Export custom clearance complete ” ,pls what does that means ? It is almost two weeks now that I order my goods

  • i ordered on aliexpress through free shipping and i was informed that it was on our city’ post office but the thing is i have to pay an amount of money to get the item i that how it works? should i pay? thanks

  • I order for my goods. Last week I choose free shipping , when will I get my order in Nigeria , probably it is going to take like how many week

  • please how do I know when to pay at the post office or not.At UI post office, even for small packages they will tell u to pay 100. So if you have like 10 packages you will pay 1000. My question is from what kg is one expected to pay?

  • Pls sir…I have 5 dollar in my perfect money account….I want to sell it, did you know of any exchanger with minimum of 5 dollar for sell

  • sir i realy apritiat ur hand work in helping we nigerians its only God dat will reword u.
    please am unable to add items to my cart and i dont knw d reason.
    also is it must to chart with d supplier be4 makin any order when d suplier is havin 98-100 feedback and 4-5 star rating with 2-3 diamond pls sir

    • Anonymous, to be honest with you, i barely chat up the seller before placing an order. I only chat up the seller when i am having some issues. If the seller has got good ratings, you have no problems. Just be sure to input your current details when placing an order.

  • Thank you….pls what am I going to put in my zip/postal code….am from Ibadan, I already put it my address but I don’t know what to put in for my zip /postal pls help oh

    • Damilola, banks charges different rate but just to be clear, my bank currently charges 305 to a dollar. Your bank may be charging same, a little lesser or a little higher.

    • Damilola, i guess it should be able to work. In my case, i use Access Bank VISA Card but of course, i have a friend using GTB in buying from the website. SO yes, it should work.

  • Hi, you said if it was free shipping, it will be delivered to the post office right? If that is so, did u still put your home address in the shipping address? If not, what address did u put as your shipping address? I certainly want to have my package delivered at the post office i just dont know which address should i put. Thank you!

    • Faye, yes i still fixed in my home address. It will be delivered to the nearest post office close to the address. You will be contacted by the post office agent when your package arrives.

  • Good evening, thanks for the patience you take in answering every one’s question(s), here is mine. If I place an order, is it going to be delivered to a post office in the state I reside? Thanks.

  • Hi Sam, to be frank am scared ryt now. I ordered goods n got my tracking number. But the
    At is all I know abt the process. I don’t av any idea of how to get it wen it comes. Maybe through a phone call or something else. Where n how to know if it’s around. Please do help me out with this.

    • Toby, try tracking the package using When it’s available in the closest post office, a text message will be sent to you or a call will be placed across to you. Pending when the item(s) is going to be available for PICK UP, all you need do is exercise patience.

  • I stay in Germany and I ve been buying from ali express. But I want my goods shipped to naija while I make payments over here. My question is ” is there any custom inspection or fees during delivery in naija. Thanks for ur post. Pls reply me asap

  • sir after i registered dey congratuleted me and said dat dey have sent a verification to my email,so wen i checked my email i dont see der mail.since den i am unable to place any oder or even chart wit d suplier.also can i buy for istance 50%off product.
    pls sir i still need urna help than

    • Ritika, free shipping differs by sellers, products and destination country. While some sellers offer free shipping to some particular countries, some don’t. When you get used to platform, you should be able to work and understand how the system works.

  • Thanks Samuel,

    I used China post. I am a reseller. It would seem that you have scale up to order in large bulk to justify the cost of DHL or FedEx.

    Warm Regards

  • Hi Samuel,

    My name is Ed. I live in the US. I have read most of the above threads. I hope you can give me an idea as to whether Aliexpress is a 7 day delivery or a 30 day delivery on average? Thanks


    • ED, delivery depends on the shipping company handling your order. If you choose free shipping which is most often sent using china post, it would take longer time depending on your location. If using DHL and other high paid shipping couriers, your order should be delivered in less than 7 days.

  • Merry xmas Mr Samuel. pls i ordered a goods from Aliexpress free shipping since 1months 3weeks ago. when i tracked it, i got

    2015-10-27 00:00 Nigeria Arrive at Nigeria Airport-(Yanwen’s Track End)
    does it mean my order hasn’t arrive? one thing was when i check at post office, they said the package was not shipped/carried by NIPOST.
    pls do u have an idea which carrierdat might be.
    Thanks and happy new year in advance.

  • Merry xmas Mr Samuel. pls i ordered a goods from Aliexpress free shipping since 1months 3weeks ago. when i tracked it, i got

    2015-10-27 00:00 Nigeria Arrive at Nigeria Airport-(Yanwen’s Track End)
    does it mean my order hasn’t arrive? one thing was when i check at post office, they said the package was not shipped/carried by NIPOST.
    pls do u have an idea which carrierdat might be.
    Thanks and happy new year in advance.

  • Merry xmas Mr. Samuel. pls, i ordered a goods from Aliexpress free shipping.
    when i track it, d reply was
    2015-10-27 00:00 Nigeria Arrive at Nigeria Airport-(Yanwen’s Track End)
    i went to NIGERIA POST OFFICE they said the that tracking number is not for nipost.
    pls from where else can i get goods.

    • Yes Agu. If you do not have a certified ID, how can they possibly know you own the goods? Having the tracking number isn’t enough. It’s just a security motive.

    • Here is the latest information for tracking number BLGMY12888695: 2015-12-09 10:40 MPC PMIH (KLIA), Item Posted Over The Counter to Nigeria.

      No information found for 11614699592. You may want to confirm which shipping service was used.

  • Hello. I ordered some items on the 12th of November, I got an email after few days saying it has bn shipped and all that, it will be a month tomorrow and I haven’t gotten my items

  • Hello Sir.Sam, weldon for your good works.
    It’s really amazing, how u got to know all this. I’m placing order for many products on my cart, I want them all at once on delivery i.e same day of arrival of the goods I ordered for, can that be possible?

    • Not exactly! This is because you probably will be getting them from different sellers on the platform who might ship your item(s) at different times or days. But of course, you can leave them in the post office till they have all arrived so that you can pick them all at once.

  • Hey there Sam, loved your post which has brought me to ask this question:
    I recently ordered an item each from Aliex (free shipping method), after which the amount was deducted a day later, but then i was shown a new page about order details saying “the seller is processing your order” with an order ID. Then i saw a reminder that says “the order will be automatically cancelled” with an 8 day countdown. Is this part of the procedures or should i start panicking?

    • NO AJ, you shouldn’t panic. It just means the seller is yet to ship your bought item(s). If the seller finally ships the item(s), you will be notified via email and after a few days, a tracking number will be presented to you.

  • Hey there Sam, loved your post which has brought me to ask this question:
    I recently ordered an item each from Aliex (free shipping method), after which the amount was deducted a day later, but then i was shown a new page about order details saying “the seller is processing your order” with an order ID. Then i saw a reminder that says “the order will be automatically cancelled” with an 8 day countdown. Is this part of the procedures or should i start panicking?

  • Pls I live in epe .and I order some item from Aliexpress com. Have been send d track number .but I don’t know how to check it .and pls how will I know if my order arrived to Nigerian.also can I received it in nearest post office in epe .pls put me through .thanks

    • Bisola, your seller must have told you the site to which you can check your order using the tracking code given. When tracked, you should be able to know if it’s in Nigeria or still in transit.

  • Hi, it’s 2weeks already and I haven’t bn called to get my stuffs tho i’v received an email dt it has bn shipped and also another email about something called “open dispute “, why did delay

  • Oh, tx so much sir, God bless u,I love this business sir, i hv been on research al this why over the business, ur msg entered sperm, pls sir, how do i set my price, it too cost o, and even to get customer, if u can help me to be given some of ur customer fist,pls sir how can u help me? Thanks

  • Pls sir, where is Ali office in lagos?
    I want to start importation business, how can day help me? I didn’t hv GTB account, can i pay into their account? Pls sir kindly send me ur whatsapp no or email or fb. I Want you to mentoring me. Thanks so much sir

    • Micheal, Aliexpress doesn’t have any office in Nigeria (As far as i know). You should visit your bank and request for a debit card. In my case, i use Visa and it works fine for payment.

  • pls sir I ordered two item
    1. Nigeria, Arrive at Nigeria Airport-(Yanwen’s
    Track End)pls what does it mean
    2. the orther item is saying pre-advised a signature required upon delivery what does it mean

  • I ordered my things and when Iam tracking I see a wrong destination country…Instead of south africa its Zimbabwe…What do I do..the seller isnt replying my messages

  • Hello,

    I ordered from Aliexpress and it’s been over a month and it’s finally in the U.S. But it says that it was not successful at delivery. It was “attempted to be delivered”. How do I know where it’s at…it doesn’t say where it is. The seller says to wait 10 days but if I do won’t they just send everything back. I ordered over $40 dollars worth. I’m so worried, I won’t get my stuff.

  • Good day… I bought on aliexpress but the item is said to be in Nigeria airport since 3days now… I can track it in sites except for nipost site…What could be wrong?

  • Hi Mr. Sam. I’ve gone through aliexpress site. I even have d intent of importing my 1st set of goods. having gone through your write ups here, am encouraged to give it a try. well done!!!!!!.
    PLS I need you to throw more light on how I will get my goods. assuming its up to the size of a container (50 x 12ft)?

  • Hi Mr. Sam. I’ve gone through aliexpress site. I even have d intent of importing my 1st set of goods. having gone through your write ups here, am encouraged to give it a try. well done!!!!!!.
    PLS I need you to throw more light on how I will get my goods. assuming its up to the size of a container (50 x 12ft)

  • Hi Mr. Sam. I’ve gone through aliexpress site. I even have d intent of importing my 1st set of goods. having gone through your write ups here, am encouraged to give it a try. well done!!!!!!.
    PLS I need you to throw more light on how I will get my goods. assuming its up to the size of a container (50 x 12ft)

  • Hi hello Sam, I bought a good from EBay and it was above 200k as it’s a new DJ gear, the seller is top rated with 5 star all through with a top rated badge by eBay on the sellers username and feedback from other buyer was top class to him up to 200 feedback positive review.. And he said it will ship via DHL which I paid $80 for shipping, I want to ask with that type of amount and been it DHL like how many days till it get to Nigeria am currently in akure.. And will it still go to the post office or DHL office.. I know I will have to pay tax or costom stuffs, but I want to know like how much will that be, because the good is like $850 plus $80 shipping like 205k naira.. I have bought a iPhone 6 USB cable from eBay and post office called me to come get it, but this case is different as it as to deal with a huge amount.. So just your advice will do.. Thanks EBay tracks the goods and I also track it myself.. Just advice thanks will appreciate ..

    • Vimo, since it’s being shipped using DHL, chances are, it will be delivered to the address stated by you when ordering the product(s). If you use a home address, it should be delivered to your home. If the address stated cannot be found or reached, it will be taken to their office. You can even call the DHL customer care to re-adjust the address if you think you made a mistake. I have used DHL before and the experience has been good.

  • Weldone sir, u av not giver answere to to my question sir since yesterday. i ask again if i pay for shipping will they bring my goods to my address (home), or will i still go to post office to collect it .

  • weldone sir, pls if i pay for shipping will i still go to the post office to collect it or will they bring it down to my address (at home). and if home what are the things they will ask from me before they can giv me my good. thanx

  • Thank u son much for ur help my money has been refunded this morning but they deducted just 200 charges. God bless u Sam u an angel in disguise ???

  • Hello I just made an order I tried at 1st because I m using my card it didn’t deliver but an option for make through other payments opened which I did and made the payments with same credit card the money was deducted from my account stating by aliexpress but I have no tracking ID and even on my profile it’s stating order awaiting payments . I m so confused now cuz 34k has been deducted from my account . Pls assist me

    • Chinenye, if it’s stating that order is awaiting payment, you may need to contact your bank because chances are, the payment didn’t go through. In regards the tracking code, a tracking code will only be given to you when the product has been delivered to the shipping company.

  • Please which post office in lagos am i to collect the goods that i ordered for on Aliexpress.
    Moreso, i don’t mind if i can talk to you on phone.

  • Can i order for a phone using the free shipping method or i should use dhl. And how am i going to get my tracking codes

    • Ayanfeoluwa, sure you can use the free shipping method in ordering a phone as long as the seller is trusted. In regards the tracking code, the seller will give it to you when the goods have been sent.

  • sir, If my good as arrived at d post office, hw ar dey going to knw my particular good or identify my good, ar my to describe my good for dem or they wud av known my good after showin dem my Id or what ??? Anoda question is shud i wait for d post office to call call me dat my goods as arrive or shud i go claim it mysef witout dem calling me wen i knw d good is around

    • Tosin, you will be asked to provide your tracking number when you get to the post office. It is also very essential you go with your drivers license or your national ID card. In most cases, a text will be sent to you if you fixed a phone number in the address. Otherwise, track your product and make sure it has been delivered to the destination which is NG if in Nigeria. Afterwards, you can go and claim it after a day or two just to be sure.

  • Pls sir i wanna ask, Is it compulsory to to include Po Box in my address and if yes, am i gonna be called upon to reciv my goods @ d post office or are dey gonna come giv dem to me at home (the address av provided)

    • You will likely get a text to come pick your item at the nearest post office. In regards the PO box thingy, it is not really compulsory, just use a valid address and you are good to go.

  • Good day. Pls I ordered for some items on the 13th of this month. All the sellers have shipped my items except one of them and it turns out to be the most expensive of them all. I have sent 3 messages to the seller without any reply and its 6hours to the deadline for processing. And I paid for it’s shipping. I do not know what to do ATM, could it be a fraud or something? And I do not know how to track my items. Please, Kindly give me your advice. Thanks.

    • Kharline, you can choose to cancel the order and request for a refund. If the seller still doesn’t respond, you can open a dispute.

      In regards tracking, you will use the tracking code on the shipping service website in tracking your goods.

  • Please i saw some goods that they put “free shipping to US” underneath. Does that means it can’t be shipped freely to nigeria or what?

    • Yes Femi, only those with free shipping with no specific country indicated is actually free shipping to almost all location.

  • Same with me oh, i’ve been Recieving my goods here in the abuja post office and been paying 500 per package and it’s really annoying.

  • Same with me oh, i’ve been collecting goods at the post office here in abuja and been asked to pay 500 each time I do, it’s so annoying.

  • pls, I have a little problem with the local postal office in my area. Am starting a new business and have ordered and payed for my stuffs and most of them are in transit buh a few has arrived and the local post office has contacted me and they told me that for me to get each package I have to pay 500 naira. abeg the things wey I buy sef no reach 200 so why pay 500 to collect it and I made sure that they are all free shipping. so the question is am I meant to pay that amount or is it just scam or bribe. pls help me….

    • Nimat, I think it is bribe but i stand to be corrected. When i ordered and received mine, i didn’t pay at the post office. Meet with them, i am not sure they will collect N500 for every of your package. Just tip them after collecting your stuffs sha.

  • Pls sir, I have tried to pay for my order through diamond bank visa card but it keeps telling me error and to contact my bank…pls wat can I do…..

    • Daniel, are you sure you have the required amount in the account? More so, it may just be that your diamond bank card is not accepted.

  • 3 more questions please.
    How come Nigerian postal service detailed the content of my parcel as “documenrs”, instead of what it is?
    How long would it take for them to send the item from lagos to other parts of nigeria, likr Calabar in Cross-river state?
    What is the meaning of Nglosa?

  • Good day BOSS SAM, you earlier said something that sounded like u meant “china airpost” is kinda fast when it comes to deliveries for a time interval of about 2-3wks. Do you have anyidea or detail about “post nl” i.e post netherland, when it comes to deliveries?
    I appreciate your help to other Nigerians and I

  • I ordered online,but was busy when the post office called,so they delivered it to me..then the guy said I hav to pay 500 naira on every package and 1000 for bigger that true??pls it’s urgent

    • No Larataiwo, it isn’t true. However, there’s nothing bad if you give the officials a tip. It is only normal to appreciate their job. But paying for your package isn’t mandatory.

  • Sammy nice post but please may I ASK,

    I have placed my order and found out that my shipping address even though right had a wrong zip/postal code, every other thing is right except that Code, does it affect the delivery of my package ?


    • Livingstone, am not exactly sure that would have any negative effect as long as the shipping address is very accurate and easy to access.

  • Hello Samuel Adeniyi, i also did free shipping and i have been tracking my order. i got this while tracking
    “15.05.2015 00:00 Arrive at Airport-(Yanwen’s Track End) Nigeria”. please does it mean my order is already in Nigeria? and if it is, how will i get it.

  • i tried tracking my order and i got this information 15.05.2015 00:00Arrive at Airport-(Yanwen’s Track End) Nigeria
    please i will like to know what it means.

  • Hi .. Its a nice Post.
    Well now a days m quite worried about my orders. I preferred Free Shipping via China post air mail, The Tracking Ids are only Digits via Seller shipping Method. When i call to Pak Post they say tracking Ids with alphabets are related to Pak Post otherwise not with us 馃檨
    I have ordered thrice & every time i had not received the orders which contain only digits in Tracking Ids.
    now what to do & where to contact..? if i ask for help from Aliexpress they say ask seller, when i ask seller they say ask your local post, when i ask Pak post they say we are not delivering this…
    i am totally confused.. plz hellp..

    • Hello Senorita, so sorry about the ordeal you are facing with Aliexpress. My sincere advice?? You should contact your seller. If he cannot provide you with a valid tracking number, you can choose to cancel the order but I’d advice you talk things out with your seller. I am sure he/she should be able to aid you better.

  • Hi, just by way of an addition. Nice post by the way. You were not asked to pay anything at the post office, because the items were small. Currently there is a secular that has been passed to collect fee for items from a particular kilogramme. trust me, I had fought and argued with them on this, but all you have to do is comply.
    But, if you ask me, i would say that the money might not be remitted, so i demand that a receipt be issued. the highest i have paid for an item is N500 and that for an eyeshadow pallet.
    it also depends on the personnel in the post office your goods were sent to. They either call informing you of the parcel or drop it at your home (if you are around).

  • Awesome post. Please I want to buy a phone from Aliexpress, its about $130. I don’t which shipping method I should use? Should I use free shipping by Singapore Post or Express shipping by EMS. I want the item in one piece, please which one is safer and more convenient?

    • Free shipping by singapore is actually free while express shipping by EMS is actually paid. I.e, you are going to pay shipping cost. Both services are okay but of course, paid service is always better if you have got the funds.

  • hello, dat was a nice one. I really need to know if the amount paid at the post office is for each good ordered or for all. Thanks

  • please help me i dont understand my tracking status “collection” and the order tracking status said “departure from outward office of exchange” please what help i dont understand

  • Hello paul.pls,when ordering from aliexpress with free shipping service how will I know my goods has arrived in the post office?or will I be ask to include my phone so that they call me to come and collect my goods

  • good morning Samuel i am paul from otukpo benue state, can you please tell me the whole procedures of ordering and payments on aliexpress. thank you and God bless you, i am looking forward to your response please help me and send it to my email address [email protected] thanks again.

  • good-day sammy, pleas i need the e-mail address of aliexpress to start buying and shipping down to port-Harcourt please thank you.

  • 鈥嶨ood day sir I was surfing through ur site techsng today and I saw ur post on aliexpress issue so I need ur help. 1) how will I verify my email as u mentioned in d post. . .2) which free shipping should I be using. . . .3) how do I track my order. . .4) how do I knw d day my order will be ship out and d day to start tracking. Pls I will appreciate and do my best to promote ur site if u can help me out on dis thankz

    • 1. A link will be sent to your email address asking you to verify. Just click on the link to verify your email address.
      2. China post works for me.
      3. A tracking code will be sent to you which you should use in tracking on the china post tracking site.
      4. That will communicated to you via email.

      Just be sure to log into your account to get more details. For more questions, you can ask and i will reply ASAP!

  • Actually, I am a very young guy and would like to venture into importation to see if i can support my self through college. I discovered by chance and was tempted by its price only to discover the shipping costs and time. I would like anyone to tell or should i use the word advice me on how to lessen the importation price or a very reliable agent that will surely listen ad communicate with me. I cant wait for freeshipping, by then, funding college will be of no more use.

  • I am willing to purchase a quad copter on aliexpress costing $110.I wanted to know,will I not pay for tax,duty,custom and stuff like that or would it only be the product I would be paying for with free shipping.

    • Basically, since you will be using free shipping, you only pay for the goods you are purchasing. I do not know of the tax, duty or custom fees because in my case, i paid none of those except for the cost of the goods i ordered.

  • i recently tracked my order from a site provided by the seller on alixpress and reads’ order arrived nigeria airport track ends 5 days’ pls what does that mean?

  • I order a watch some days ago using free shipping method, I use the tracking code giving to me but does not work, how do I know that my goods has arrive if it wasn’t deliver to my doorstep and it was taken to post office

  • Alixpress is tested and trusted, one of the issues I have with them is there are too many China products on there. I am still considering shipping a number of Power Banks from there as I have seen some eye catching devices there.

    Well, its nice knowing your experience on there.

  • Hello,payed for some goods 26th of november and some yesterday 6th of december, could only see 52days remaining to delivery and 60days respectively,does that means my goods will take that long because I need them by 1st week in January?

    • No Tjoy. Depending on how much time the seller sent the goods and the free shipping service you use. If you use China post and the seller sent your package within 3 or 4 days, you should get your goods this December. Just make sure to track your items when a tracking number is provided to you.

  • Wao how did u know your good has arrived, cus i ordered somthing with fre shipping. Nd i dont understand what the tracking site is saying

    • You can also track using nipost. Just looking out for delivered or attempted delivery alongside the date. Then visit the nearest nipost office close to you to make enquiries.

    • There’s actually a way you can return goods. However, you would have to pay the return fee. Or you can get the contact with the seller and explain your ordeal to him/her.

  • Very informative post! So are you saying if I use free shipping I won’t be able to receive those stuffs at my door step? Wow I never knew that until now. Thanks

    • Well, everything i said on the post are based on my own personal experience. Reading through the comments, You’d realize someone got his package to his doorstep sir.

  • I also used my school ID to collect my goods at the post office last time i got stuffs shipped to me. What’s the quality of those stuffs u ordered from aliexpress?

    • If i must be very candid, the quality of what i received wasn’t really what i expected. However, this varies with customer’s taste.

  • I’ll say u were jst a bit unlucky cos my experience with them, was quite satisfactory. The goods were delivered at my doorstep and I even used my sch ID Card as a means of identification.

    • Really? Using Free shipping service?? Maybe my location was another factor that lend to me undergoing through stress. Thanks Marianne for your comment which was more like a contribution.

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