Cheapest Data Plans For Android, iOS and Computer

Hello there, it’s another MBER month again. The following year is just around the corner and I hope you have been making positive plans for the coming new year. I pray we all be able to see the new year 2015 in sound health and prosperity, Amen!

First and foremost, I want to apologize for taking this long to update this blog. I had got some important tips to share with you guys but because of the rebranding process which we just completed, I just couldn’t. But not to worry, all of the updates will be coming to you ASAP.

Based on earlier plans, the blog was supposed to launch its new name and design on the 1st of November, 2014 but due to delays from our hosting company, the rebranding process came to a conclusion today being 2nd of November, 2014.

As a matter of fact, I had to do all of the process myself since they weren’t really helping and I must say, I learnt something new. Now, I can easily help bloggers re-brand their WordPress blog to another domain name without having to lose search engine traffic nor getting 404 errors on internal links.

If you’ve been a frequent reader and follower of this blog, you’d realize that the name of this blog has changed from been trueinternetworld to what it is right now as well as its design on desktop.

Yes, that’s d re-branding process I did and I have a lot more ideas to make to this blog to make it better and more informative. All I ask from you is that you join me in making this blog better and popular for everyone to benefit from by telling your friends about it and sharing its posts on social networks you belong to.

cheapest internet plans for android and PC

Now, to start the re-branding proper, I want to give a review on the best and cheapest Internet data plans for your android phones or tablets, iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone and of course, Computer users.

Best Internet Data Plans For Android, iOS and Computer Users

This review is solely based on my investigation and belief. You are free to contribute your thoughts or share better plans with us using the comment session and it’s really appreciated.

MTN Cheapest Data Plans

If you use an MTN sim, going for a third-party data sellers is the best. What this entails is that, buying from third-party sellers is the cheapest and it also comes with a 30 day validity. I can only recommend one person at the moment because he is the only one i have tested and trusted.

His name is SHILE and below are his data plans alongside his contact details:

FOR MTN (30-31Days validity)

  • 1GIG = #1200 BANK PAYMENT OR #1300 AIRTIME
  • 2GIG = #2300 BANK PAYMENT OR #2500 AIRTIME
  • 3GIG = #3500 BANK PAYMENT OR #3700 AIRTIME
  • 4GIG = #4500 BANK PAYMENT OR #4800 AIRTIME



He is the only trusted seller i can recommend at the moment.

Airtel Cheapest Data Plans

For airtel Users, airtel bis still works on android. Simply subscribe to the airtel daily, weekly or monthly plan and use directly on your android, windows, iOS and Computer without a need for software or vpn whatsoever.

The Airtel WTF plan is also recommended basically for android users however, it has got some limitations on its own. Don’t forget that airtel recently launched new android plans from which you can buy 4GB or 9GB respectively. Please click here for more information on that.

Etisalat Cheapest Data Plans

Ordinarily, Etisalat normal subscriptions are fast but expensive. There are two cheap browsing plans i would recommend in this case; buying from third-party data sellers and Etisalat Pay as you go (PayG) plan.

Talking of third-party sellers, SHILE is still the only guy I can recommend in this case. Below are his etisalat data plans, cost and contact details.

FOR ETISALAT (27-31Days Validity)

  • 250MB = #400 BANK PAYMENT OR #500 AIRTIME
  • 500MB = #700 BANK PAYMENT OR # 800 AIRTIME
  • 1GB = #1300 BANK PAYMENT OR #1400 AIRTIME
  • 1.5GB = #2000 BANK PAYMENT OR #2200 AIRTIME
  • 2GB = #2500 BANK PAYMENT OR #2700 AIRTIME
  • 3GB = #3600 BANK PAYMENT OR #3800 AIRTIME



If you are a heavy data user then going for the etisalat PayG plan is the best bet and you will be billed N15 for every 5mins of surfing.

How To Subscribe to Etisalat Unlimited Data Plan for 15 naira for 5 minutes

Dial *229*5*7# and wait for an SMS notification that you are now on PAYG. Now your SIM card is on PAYG internet plan, so when you start browsing you will be charged 15 Naira for every 5 minutes. (Assuming you have 45 naira on your sim, you will be able to browse and download unlimited for 15 minutes).

Glo Cheapest Data Plans

Glo bis with blackberry 10 phones still rock. Subscribe to glo bis on your blackberry 10 phone and share to your android, iOS and Computer devices.

I personally have been using this method for months and even up till this very moment, it still works best for me. Remember to join the glo bumpa package if you use your glo sim entirely for subscription so you can enjoy the benefit of getting twice the amount you recharge.

For example, if you recharge N1000, you will be given a bonus of N2000 making a total of N3000 which you can use in calling and texting all networks.

So there you have it. Based on my investigation, those are the cheapest and best data subscriptions for android, iOS, windows and PC computers in Nigeria. If you have comments or a different point of view, please do not hesitate to let us know using the comment form.

Note: Following the re-branding on this blog from to what it is now, subsequently we will be giving out free recharge cards and free data to our frequent readers, followers and top commented persons.

Always check on this blog and participate everyday so you don’t miss out. Happy Sunday friends.

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  • Hi,i bumped into your site while googling cheap options for data plans and contacted Shile and he was ever so helpful.
    I got it in less than 2 minutes sef.
    I admit I was very skeptical in case he did 419 and vamoosed with my money but he proved me wrong.
    Your reseller tip helped me so much

  • About the gift, that was how you promised last year but I got nothing. Though I have not been active this year unlike last year; and that is because this blog is only updated once in a while whereas the techyan blog has no news feed on new post.

    • Hello Jonathan, sorry if you got nothing last year. I actually gave out ebooks last year for free.

      Talking about this blog been updated, it’s been updated frequently (although not daily). You can take a stroll to the homepage and check latest posts alongside their dates :-).

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