Material V4 Android Lollipop Custom Rom For Infinix Hot Note & Hot Note Pro

One interesting thing about android Operating system is that fact that it is very much easy to customize than any other mobile OS. Apart from the fact that devices from big brands are considered as more durable and fashionable, techie guys tend to go for the big brand phones because their custom roms are quite easy to find online.

I remember when I was using the Sony Xperia X10i (years back), I could easily source for custom roms online and choose to install any one that catches my fantasy. I recall changing the custom Rom on that phone more than once. It was really interesting. Honestly!

Material V4 Android Lollipop Custom Rom For Infinix Hot Note

Infinix Custom ROMs

Good news to infinix hot note and hot note pro users, you can now try out material v4 custom Rom on your Android phone. While you are still anticipating the release of Android 5.0 lollipop update, you can use the material v4 Rom which runs android lollipop OS.

Features Of Material V4

  • Really cool RAM management
  • Runs basic Lollipop User Interface
  • Very lite and fast
  • OTG is working as well as USB storage and enhanced speaker
  • Smooth and better gaming performance
  • Full android lollipop features
  • No bug issues and more…

See below pictures for an idea of what the custom Rom looks like on the infinix hot note x551 and note pro phones.

custom rom for infinix hot note and note pro android phones material custom rom2 material custom rom3 material custom rom4 material custom rom5

Just before you install the custom rom

  • Please make sure that your phone has been rooted,
  • back up your current working Rom,
  • use titanium app in backing up your phone apps so that you can easily restore them when you are done.
  • Back Up your imei using mobile uncle tools so that you can easily restore them when done.
  • Download the Material V4 Rom HERE or HERE.

Please note: Infinix hot note users should download logo.bin here and change it with the one in the ROM before flashing. Infinix hot note pro users should do likewise and also replace the boot.image file in the backed up Rom with the one in the custom Rom before commencing flash.

Custom ROM Credit goes to IamLammy Of Nairaland.

How To Flash / Install The Material V4 Custom Rom

Step #1. Make sure you download the ROM file above and do the necessary things as stated above before saving in the root directory of your SD card. By root directory, I mean the first page on your memory card and not in a folder.

Step #2. Boot to CWM Recovery Mode. You can do this by holding the power button + volume up buttons when turning on your phone till it boots to recovery mode.

Step #3. When in recovery mode, use the volume buttons as navigation keys and the power button as the OK key.

Step #4. Wipe data / factory reset

Step #5. Wipe cache partition

Step #5. Mount &  Storage / format system

Step #7. Advance / Wipe Dalvik cache then go back to the main page

Step #8. Install Zip from SD Card

Step #9. Choose Zip From SD Card

Step #10. Now select the custom ROM you had downloaded (not backed up)

Step #11. Choose Install (OK) and wait for the installation to be completed

Step #12. Now, choose to reboot your phone from the options and that’s done.

When your phone is fully booted up, you can enjoy the material v5 lollipop experience on your infinix hot note and note pro.  For questions and comments, please use the comment form.

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  • Am just concerned about the CODE that makes the phone send text to that weird number without my consent. It is a concern raised by many.. just google that number and youll see. untill i find legitimate logical reason why it sends such texts am not touching that rom. Protect your data. It informs the number top track my IMEI….and that does not make any sense to a logical reasonable smart person.

    • Hey dean, download MTK Engineering Mode by the monster from google play and configure the sensor by calibtrating it.

  • Uh mm brother Sam you think you can guide me in rooting the mtn smart s720i I have tried iroot kingroot and framaroot

  • I have installed this ROM thank! But i believe there is a virus code stealling IMEI from those who have installed and sending to this number:+919211722715
    BE warned!

  • I have installed this ROM ! But i believe there is a virus code stealling IMEI from those who have installed and sending to this number:+919211722715
    BE warned!
    Why would someone hide a warm to send sms without your knowledge.


  • Hey brother someone asked me this and I thought you might have an answer… I know it might sound funny… Will the 5.0 lollipop update be available on the mtn Android device

  • firstly i need to know an easy way how to back up my rom…secondly in my own recovery mode, i dont see those your options that you prescribed…i use a hot note pro… pls sam this is my email[[email protected]] im really confused:-(

  • Please I can’t download miui v6 ROM for infinix not pro from enochtek the site is showing 404 not found please a help to get rom

    • Yes Wealth. That’s if there is a custom rom available for those devices but its basically for android phones and not any other os.

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