How to create a Picture with Nigeria, France or any country Flag Overlay Online

If you’ve been on Facebook today, you may have come across some profile pictures with the France flag overlay. Facebook newly introduced the feature on its platform in other to show support against terrorism in France.

If are quite up to date with the happenings around you and the latest news, France capital, Paris, on Friday the 13th of November, was attacked by some gunmen and suicide bombers which resulted to killing of over 120 people. It was due to the incident, Facebook integrated the France flag overlay for profile pictures.

picture with france flag overlay
If for reasons best known to you, you’d prefer using a Nigerian flag as your overlay and for your profile picture on Facebook or you’d prefer using another country’s flag, this post will guide you through on how to get that done.

Picture overlayed with Nigerian Flag
Steps to create a Picture with Nigeria, France or any country Flag Overlay Online

  • Go to and under Filters, select ‘Country Flags
  • When that page loads up, select the country flag you’d prefer using and click on Go
  • 聽When that page loads up, upload the picture you’d want overlaid and click on Upload Now.

You can also choose to add a caption to the image (it’s totally optional). When done, simply right-click on the image and choose to save. Alternatively, you can just click on the Save button below the image.

If you intend uploading it on a platform as Facebook, simply upload it the regular way you’d upload pictures. For profile pics? Just upload using the mobile upload function.

The process is quite easy.

There you have it. Quite simple right? You can choose to share the picture to your Facebook profile right from the page or you can upload it manually after downloading the overlaid image.

If you have any further question regarding this, please be sure to drop a comment. I reply as soon as I can.

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  • Thanks for this Samuel! I uploaded my profile pic on FB an hour ago with a Nigerian flag filter and already had a friend ask me what it represented/meant in a thoughtful way so I could spread knowledge to her.

  • I am trying to follow the directions on uploading the flag and do not see the UPLOAD NOW. Also I tried uploading my facebook picture by right clicking and copied the url and was directed to a page stating it wasn’t correct

  • Lets rock the it as Nigeria. I love it. zThank God we cracked the code on how to add prayfornigeria overlay to our DP.

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