How To Delete Movies and Shows From Continue Watching List On Netflix

Netflix as you know, is a media service providing movies and TV shows online for users to stream right on their smartphone, TV, Game console, PC and other devices.

Being the most popular in its space, the service brings quite a handful of features to the table. One of it, is the continue watching feature.

The continue watching feature can be likened to the playback feature on DVDs and the likes. It can also be likened to playback feature as seen on media player apps like VLC, MXPlayer and the likes.

The idea behind this is to allow you continue watching a TV show or movie where you left off. I’ve equally seen this feature play out on the YouTube app on my Android TV box.

remove movies and shows in continue watching list on netflix

The feature is really handy. However, you cannot deny that not all movies or shows are as fascinating as their titles or thumbnail. Meaning, you stumble on a TV show or movie and you felt the need to watch. Half way down, you are bored and can’t seem to continue watching the movie or TV series.

With the continue watching feature on Netflix, that particular movie or show will be displayed in the continue watching list.

While this is nice, In a situation like this, it can be painstaking seeing a film you do not want to watch anymore being displayed in your face. The walk around this would be having to watch the film till the very end. However, that may not be an option, I presume?

Thankfully, there is a way around being able to delete movies and shows from continue watching list on Netflix. And in this post, we will be showing you exactly how to do that.

You can delete films from that list on Netflix using your phone, TV and a PC. In this post, we will be guiding you through all the process.

How To Remove Movies and Shows From Continue Watching On Netflix

Asides the illustration given above, another reason as to why it makes sense to clear shows and movies from your continue watching list on Netflix is for privacy, and tidiness.

It’s something I once in a while, find myself doing. However, please note that you can only delete things individually. There is no bulk delete option. You’d have to delete one movie or show at a time. But of course, this shouldn’t be a problem as timing interval isn’t required.

Clear Continue Watching On Netflix Using Phone

  • Using your mobile phone, go to the Netflix website.
  • Log into your account and take note of the title you want to remove from the continue watching list.
  • While logged into your account, tap on the menu option and select Your Account.
  • On the account page, scroll down to the my profile section and select Viewing Activity
  • Under the viewing activity list, find the show or movie you want to remove from the list.
  • Tap on the X sign which is inline with the movie or show to have it removed.

At this point, you should get a notification saying the movie or TV show will be removed from your viewing activity on all devices within 24 hours.

Not to worry, you don’t have to wait for 24 hours for that to take effect. Usually, the change takes effect immediately. Other times, you’d have to wait longer.

Now, head back to the homepage and you won’t find that movie or TV show in the list anymore.

Remove Movies and TV shows from Continue Watching List On Netflix Using PC

Same process above for phone, applies to using a computer.

To get this done using a computer, simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Netflix website and enter your account details
  • When logged into your account, place your cursor on your profile icon and click on Your Account.
  • Scroll down to My Profile and among the options, click On Viewing viewing activity page
  • This will display all the movies and TV shows you’ve watched and currently watching.
  • Simply find the movie or TV show you want to delete from the list and click on the X sign.remove movie or show from continue watching list on Netflix

A notification will be displayed saying the movie or TV show will be removed from your viewing activity on all devices within 24 hours.

movie cleared from viewing activity list on netflix

Again, you don’t necessarily have to wait that long. For TV shows, you don’t necessarily have to delete each episodes. Simply delete one episode and select the option to remove series. Choosing the remove series option will remove all episodes of that TV series thus clearing it from your continue watching list.

That’s it. That’s all you need to know regarding how to delete continue watching list on Netflix using phone and PC.

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  • Why can’t Netflix allow you to delete it with your remote while you are watching the TV? This makes the most sense, instead of having to go back to the website and sign in and follow these steps every time you want to delete a program.

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