Do Not Root Your Android Phone Except You Know What You Are Doing

Over the past few years, i have always being an advocate of rooting android phones. Even though i sorta have reasons why I root these phones which is basically experimenting and putting up the post here on TechsNG, it’s been sorta fun.

Lately, we have constantly been seeing and hearing problems in relation to android phones getting bricked as a result of the phone being rooted. These phones do not actually get bricked during the rooting process. It happens basically when updating the OS.

rooting an android phone
Infinix phones has a huge share in this problem (so far based on speculation). Some time back, we even had an issue of such with our infinix hot note x551 android phone.

Although we unrooted the phone completely before choosing to update, the device still got bricked during the upgrading process. Although fixing it was quite easy, it had to take us like 4 days to completely fix it simply because at a point, it was hard-bricked.

Ours isn’t the only device that has experienced that problem. Go through comments on that post. Go through comments on other blogs online. It’s basically the same thing.

In most cases, even after unrooting the android phone, it still gets bricked while updating.

Hence, if you have rooted your phone and you intend upgrading its OS courtesy of a software update that pops up via OTA, please be sure to back up your android device before updating the OS.

A Case-Study As To Why You Should Not Root Your Android Phone

Couple of days back, I was approached by a Man who i wouldn’t say I know too well. Naaah, i don’t mean I was approached online, i was actually approached by a man offline who said he knew me.

At first, I was wondering how he knew me but I later realized he knew me via another person. To cut to the chase, he said he was having problems with upgrading his newly bought Infinix Hot 2 x510.

A minor update was rolled over on the phone couple of weeks back and he has not been able to update his device since it was rolled out.

According to him, the device tend to hang whenever he tried doing the update and the only remedy would have to be removing the battery and fixing it back.

I decided to look into the case. I tried updating and yes, it was hanging. Removing and re-fixing the battery was the only solution.

I asked if he had rooted the phone and he said No. Apparently, he doesn’t even know the meaning of rooting an android phone.

Upon going through the menus, I saw the kingroot app installed and upon launching, i realized the phone has been rooted.

I asked him and he said he had no idea. He added saying his younger brother was the one who installed the apps. Anyway, I unrooted the phone and the update went smoothly.

Wrapping Up

Point is, I wouldn’t advise anyone to root his/her android phone except the need for it is really crucial and you understand what you are doing.

If you are very conversant with this blog, you probably would realize we haven’t posted any tutorial on how to root the Infinix hot 2 x510 even though we currently have the device and have even done a full review of it.

Although the process can be attained using Kingroot app, we haven’t rooted our device and this is because android 6.0 Marshmallow is coming very soon and we wouldn’t want to go through the process of having to re-flash the rom before installing the new update.

Hope you understand?

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  • thank you boss. tnx to info on this blog I browse 3gb for 1k and have removed troublesome apps from my injoo note pro. this warning is very important even for risk takers like me. I rooted with king root and tried to install beats audio not only did it not work my music fx doesn’t work

  • Please can changing one’s imei Number be considered as a subset of rooting cos Ave been trying to convince someone that it’s not.. And will I need to revert d imei Number to the original one before I update my phone??

  • I have never been a fan of the whole rooting process though Ave been tempted by friends who showed me how they could tweak their phones due to the fact that it’s been rooted

  • @phillip root is useful to those who knows the benefit, the advantage is much than disadvantage. Like some apps need root permission to work perfectly. Like changing of phone fonts, some clean master apps required root to stop autostart of apps like facebook, bbm, etc. So rooted my android phone saves me battery life and consuming of data by underground running browser apps.

  • Yeah u are right, I had this same issue with my infinix hot x507. I rooted the phone and later when I checked the phone update system menu, I showed new software and before then I have learnt from this blog that before update one should uproot it. I did exactly, even I waited for 3 day before I updated the phone and still the device brick. so after unbrick process last for 2 days, I will not advice anyone to root their Android devices.

  • Yes, I Understood. However, I’m currently using my Samsung Smartphone which is Rooted already. I wasn’t a fan of rooting phones until it became necessary for certain activities I wanted to work. My friend who had another Samsung phone even scared me with the rooting. I finally had to root mine which is still beneficial to me today. I wouldn’t advice anyone to Root their phones except the need be. The point is, My Phone is still rooted for over a year now and I have no issues since Samsung no longer roll Out OTA updates to my Line of Smartphone.

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