Easily Fix Or Repair Bricked Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160S/L/K Stock Firmware

Few days back, i decided to get busy with my Samsung galaxy note, precisely the Korean version shv-e160s.

My main intention was to root the phone and possibly install any custom rom like i successfully did with the Sony Ericsson xperia x10i. Normally, rooting any device isn’t a big deal for me.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia x10i proved it so. I even ended up bricking that device twice and i fixed it. Easily installed custom roms and more. I can actually attest to the fact that i really did a lot of tweaking on that smartphone device and enjoyed it before it was stolen few months after purchase.

I actually wanted same for the Samsung galaxy note and that’s why i had to resort to rooting first. As usual, i did a lot of research over the internet and all steps seem the same. Guess they all copied from xda forum but guess what, they didn’t work for me.

Now, just before i commenced the rooting process, i wanted to update the software version of the phone. Since i couldn’t achieve that using the inbuilt OTA update functionality, i thought about using the Samsung Kies software on my laptop computer.

I downloaded and installed Kies from the Samsung website because the phone cannot be detected when connected to the computer via usb without the kies and drivers installed hence, installing kies was a necessity.

Upon successful installation and launching, i connected the samsung galaxy note shv-e160s phone to the PC via USB and on the samsung kies software, i got a prompt message stating that a firmware update for the phone was available. Without hesitating, i quickly choose to update.

unbrick samsung galaxy note shv-e160s


As expected, the software needed to download the firmware update version for the galaxy note via its servers and this took quite a long while. Just when the update was to be transferred to the phone, an error prompted up and my phone stopped working.

By then, i knew the phone was probably bricked. All that was shown after the odin mode and phone model details was a symbol of a phone and computer with a connection interrupted sign in-between.

There wasn’t a need to picnic and Samsung kies software called for an emergency firmware restore. I wasted no time and choose the option. This took another long while but nothing changed. I repeated same process like twice and burning off over 2GB of data bundle yet nothing changed.

Okay, at this point i was a little scared that i must have spoilt the phone but then, i knew there was always going to be a solution and for that, i had to go using a method i would term as ‘trial by error‘.

At that point, i had nothing to lose but maybe something to gain. So, it’s game on!

How I Fixed/Repaired BrickedSamsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160S/L/K Stock Firmware

Now, i know i probably bored you with a long story there but i won’t be doing that on this part. I am just going to state how i fixed it and if you are in same situation, you should follow my steps.


  • First, i downloaded Odin v1.8 here and extracted to a folder on my laptop computer.
  • I also downloaded the phone model specific Tegrak “Recovery” file for the galaxy shv-e160s here using my PC.
  • Next, i fixed the galaxy note on download mode by pressing the volume down button + home button + power button together. It came up with some Korean writings and i simply press the volume up button.
  • Next, i connected the phone to the computer using the usb cable and waited for it to signify on the Odin software. At this point, i had completely closed samsung kies software. Looking at the odin software, you should find a yellow “0:[COM__] which signifies the device has been detected.
  • Moving on, i made sure only the “Auto Reboot” and “F Partition Time” are checked
    Next, i clicked on PDA and selected the tagrak recovery file i had downloaded on my computer
  • After successful selection, i clicked on start and waited for the process to be completed till the galaxy note phone reboot automatically with a PASS signal clearly shown on odin and this time, the phone worked well again.
    repair samsung galaxy note shv-e160s firmware os

Now, this same step can be applicable in fixing the galaxy note shv-160L and K versions. All you need to do is download the specific Tegrak “Recovery” file for your phone model. You can verify this by navigating to settings > about device.

Experiencing SMS limit on the Shv-e160s? There is a fix for that here.

In the process of trying to root my samsung galaxy note shv-e160s, the phone stopped working. How Do i Fix it?

Simply follow the whole repairing process above. I have specifically confirmed this working on my samsung galaxy note shv-e160s and it worked fine in repairing the stock firmware of the galaxy note device. If you’ve got any question, i am sure you know what to do :).

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  • Hi i have two question i have the korean Samsung Galaxy Note model: SHV-e160s i rooted it already but in a deffirint way i installed framaroot apk and it worked installed supersu and busybox. But the thing is i dont cwm install? Which cwm version can i install? Will the other problem is. That when i put a micro sd card to the korean samsung galaxy note SHV-e160s it does not detected or recognized the micro sd card , but i go to the phones photo gallery a messagencomes out saying sd card being used as a mass storage ang when i put a otg cable with usbstick it does not detected or recognizedit all … Can you help me please . Thanks

  • hi sir,
    i am using shv e160s,when use the data network,signals show but net speed no better,what should i do now

  • bro got E160L log heng even if flash it i did several times but at first the phone wanted password so it was refusing to go recovery mode but in download mode it enter what can i do bro Log Heng

  • Hello!
    Please help!!! I had problem once while trying to install a cwm recovery on my phone and i use the method you describe here and was able to get my phone (galaxy note 1 SHV-E160S). i wasn’t if i had root access so i went ahead to install a ‘tegrak kernel build 32 shv-e160s’ zip file so i can gain root access using odin and now i am stuck on the tegrak kernel build 32 screen with this;
    reading key config….
    hung_task_timeout_secs=reading mounts config…
    reading backup config…
    reading boot command…
    /efs /dev/block/mmcblk0p21 ext4
    /system /dev/block/mmcblk0p21 ext4
    /data /dev/block/mmcblk0p21 ext4
    /cache /dev/block/mmcblk0p21 ext4
    set permission/tegrak…

    press HOME or POWER key
    to enter tegrak recovery mode

    i can still u Odin but my phone doesn’t get past that screen and running out my mind been search the internet for weeks now still no results. please help ASAP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. THANKS

  • hi sir,
    i am using shv e160s,showing error like,Failure to update software.Use SKT USIM to progess update and my phone getting switch off during bluetooth is on,what should i do now

  • hello sir please help me 🙁
    i have shv-e160L and i unfortunallety install the shv-e160k rom thorough odin
    after this my touch screen not working but spen is woriking
    what should i do
    i have done factory reset but the problem not solved 🙁
    please help :'(
    thanks in advance

  • my messages turns automatically into MMS mode once i exceed my messages into 80 characters.. How can i fix it? I want my messages completely in SMS mode

  • hi
    i am using shv E-160s mobile. before one month wifi is not work properly.when i go outside other wifi is working but when i am in home its only authanticate but cant go ahead. my familys mobile are working good with this wifi only my mobile is doing like that.please someone help me what is solution.

  • Please my i have tried your procedure but my phone doesn’t detect my sim card, it say limited service with no service. What should i do? Please i need help urgently

  • hi sir, i successfully update my samsung shv-e1606s using your procedures. but after i install it my FRONT CAMERA wont access anymore. it kept on flashing the “Camera error notice”. can you please help me to get it back? thanks.

  • hello sir i upgrade my samsung shv-e160s but when i install firmware in it, when installation is complete my phone is automatically restart but there is a problem to restart my phone its hang.. do not turn on properly.. what should i do..? plzz help me..?

    • Hello Adnan, please download the original stock firmware for your device and flash it to your phone using ODIN. When the reboot is successful, simply unplug your phone from your computer and that should fix it up.

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