Here’s How To Flash / Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow On Infinix Hot 2 x510

After much anticipation, the infinix Hot 2 x510 finally gets Android 6.0 marshmallow update. While we have published an article in regards that on this blog, we promised giving a detailed guide on how to get the marshmallow flavor running on your own hot 2 device.

While the update is being rolled out via OTA (Over The Air), most hot 2 devices are yet to get the update prompt and if you are not so patient in waiting, you can actually flash the OS to your phone very easily.

I’ve flashed the Android 6.0 marshmallow OS to TechsNG’s infinix Hot 2 unit and everything’s running well. You can see the picture below.

android 6 marshmallow on infinix hot 2

Please don’t mind the picture quality, the whole process was done in the middle of the night hence there wasn’t enough lightening.

Would you like to get Android marshmallow 6.0 running on your hot 2 x510 smart phone? Let me guide you through the whole process.

How To Flash / Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow On Infinix Hot 2 x510

First, it’s advisable you find out if the update is already available on your phone so that you don’t go through all these long processes. To check, navigate to settings > about phone > Software update.

If it says your system is up to date, you can then commence with the steps below.

Steps To Follow

Please note that this tutorial is strictly for infinix Hot 2 smartphones that has not been rooted. If you rooted yours, you would first have to flash in the stock ROM via SP flash tools before installing the Marshmallow flavor.

#1. First, download the marshmallow file for infinix Hot 2 x510 phone HERE.

#2. Save the downloaded file into the root directory of your SD Card.

#3. Turn off your infinix Hot 2 phone and boot into recovery menu by pressing and holding the power and volume up buttons together.

#4. When you see something like Select Boot Mode, leave the buttons and wait a while. Press volume down button once and you should be displayed an android symbol with a question mark alongside a tag which reads ‘No Command’.

#5. Press and hold the Volume up and power button again for like 4 or 5 seconds and you should be taken to the stock recovery menu properly.

#6. Using the volume buttons, scroll down to Apply update from SD Card and use the power button as OK button.

#6. Select the downloaded file and flashing should begin.

flash marshmallow on infinix hot 2

#7. Be patient as the flashing process should take a long while depending on your definition of long.

#8. When the flashing process is complete, you should see the last line stating ‘Install from sdcard complete’.

flash marshmallow on infinix hot 2 complete

#9. Select reboot now using the power button and wait for your device to boot completely.

Voila! You now have android 6.0 marshmallow OS operating on your hot 2 smart phone. You can further confirm by going to Settings > About phone.

If you have any questions in regards Android marshmallow OS on the infinix Hot 2 x510 phone, feel free to ask using the comment form below.

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  • am having same issue as ola, my x510 just keeps displaying “infinx” and booting normally. have tried all the key combination, still d same. Do I need to plug it into a PC before pressing the key combo¿

  • after pressing the key combinations, my hot 2 just keep showing infinix, den it will restart and still infinix. after I release buttons and it boots, it’s going to display android is starting.

  • Hello! i’m Nana Asiedu.. i saw a download option for Marshmallow on my phone x510 and i decided to download without an sd card. after downloading it rebooted and over hours now my phone is not booting.. please can i be helped??

  • hello plz i reset my infinix hot 2 to factory but the process didnt complete and the fone is blank except the battery meter and network,i have tried the vol up and pwer button but i c no menu

  • hello sam, thank you for this platform, i have an issue with my infinix hot 2, there was an icon to update android, so i clicked it but though there was no internet connection on it. since then, the phone did not come up. what can i do

  • Good Day,

    Please I tried upgrading my Infinix Hot 2 Android One OS to 6.0 last night and after installing, it has failed to boot. It keeps showing me 4 colours and has not gone past that stage.

    Please your help and assistance is greatly required at the moment urgently as this is the same phone I use at work and for business.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Efe Ononeme

  • My phone was on auto update and it updated itself to marshmallow and after that my files, contact went missing, but it still occupying it space on my phone … pls help me..can I recover dem bck ???

  • My hot 2 is not android one powered, (I confirmed that from infinix website ” ” when I discovered that my boot sequence; the three onscreen buttons are in variance with that of android one), Is this update specifically for android one hot 2 phones or any other hot 2 variant?

    • Joseph, Apparently, the design of the hot 2 in that link looks different from the ones we know here. Nevertheless, the specs are same and yes, i am pretty sure marshmallow os will work on the phone. However, you may want to read our latest post in regards marshmallow on the hot 2 before deciding whether or not to still go with the flow.

  • Please I don’t want to make a mistake. You said, ‘Save the downloaded file into the root directory of your SD Card’. How can I locate the root directorate of my SD card. Secondly, can I use sp flash tool and win 7 to upgrade to marshmallow? Thanks.

    • Haruna, by root directory, i mean saving the file to the root of your SD card without saving in a folder inside your SD card. Hope you get that? More so, I think you ought to have received the OTA update by now. If yes, be sure to remove your SD card before upgrading. Cheers!

  • After upgrading my phone version infinix Hot2 x510 which was sent to me yesterday, all my videos, music, photos and saved documents that are very important to me, disappeared. Pls, tell me what to do in order to restore them.

  • I was sent a message to upgrade my phone, infinix Hot2 x510 and after doing that, l found out that all my photos, videos, songs and saved documents that are very important to me, disappeared. Pls l need them back. Hw will l restore them back. Pls help me.

  • Didn’t work bro, it didn’t redirect me to the stock recovery menu, I wish you had these tutorials on YouTube *sad, or I think it depends on the hot 2,what do you think?

    • Paul, i used the 2GB RAM version for the tutorial above. Wish i could actually use videos for these kinda tutorials but due to some issues, i am unable to at the moment.

  • Looked everywhere for your number, wanted to call you cos I can’t afford over 600+mb of my data to be wasted!, after it showed the ‘no command’ along with the android logo, I pressed down volume up + power button, only for it to start up my phone instead of showing the stock recovery menu, please see to this, I sacrificed 600+mb!

    • Paul, not to worry, your 600+MB isn’t wasted as long as the file is still in your SD-card. As stated on the post, when on the no command page, press and hold the buttons for a few seconds (3 or 4 seconds) and not till the phone reboots. Hope you understand?

  • Pls I unrooted my phone using my kingroot user app…can I go ahead and flash in the marshmallow version according to ur procedure without flashing in the android one stock rom

  • Hello I have successfully flashed my Infinix hot 2 using Infinix flash tool. I have also managed to install four OTA updates including 65 mb and 10 mb updates. Currently the device is running on the December security patch. However any attempt to upgrade to marshmallow has failed. It gives me the message UPDATE EXPECTS BUILD FINGERPRINT OF INFINIX X510 …. Bla bla bla …..

    Please how can I fix this ?

  • sam, pls help me oo.sometin is happening to my hot note wen i wana check d acct balance,it display unfortunately, d process has stopped.pls help wat can i do to stop dat..

    • Sola, try this step: Go to Settings > Apps > Swipe to the “All” tab and then search for “Dialer”. Tap on it to open the app information. Tap on Force stop then Clear data then Clear cache. When done, restart your phone. Hopefully, that would fix it.

  • Good morning Sam, does my hot 2 needs to be rooted before I can go into recovery mode? Cos I’ve tried several times, it only switches on my phone and not take me into recovery.

    • No Dafe, as a matter of fact, it’s best you don’t root the phone. Just follow the instructions in the post squarely alongside the key combination and you should be good to go.

    • Johnson, using the method above is the safest for hot 2 users if the phone isn’t rooted. If the phone is rooted and you want to use the PC method in rectifying it, first download and install the hot 2 stock rom before commencing with the process above. You can follow the tutorial on this page. However, be sure to use hot 2 stock rom and not the one embedded in that link.

  • helo sam,wen i booted into recovery menu and checked for root integrity check on my infinix hot note.pls i manage to see all dis tinz
    1)Error:/system/usr/icu/icusuflag.conf is new it is
    created on fri jan 9 07:50:40 1970.
    2)Error:/system/xbin/ku.sud is new it is created on fri jan 9
    07:50:40 1970.
    3)Error:/system/wlan/uid is new it is created on fri jan 9
    07:50:40 1970.
    Found a root file,ku.sud
    Found a root file,
    Found a root file,icusuflag.conf
    Error:found 12 new files.
    Error:found 3 root files.
    Tablet system check FAIL!!
    i saw dat on my infinix hot note wen i checked for d root
    integrity check,pls sam is anytin happens to my fone cos i dnt umderstand all dis error,help me.

  • hi sam ,like yinka said dat wen he booted to recovery menu he saw ‘no command’so like wise mine,i did it on x551 hot note and it brings up no command i mean on hot note,
    .so my question is,is my hot note still beta or sometin went wrong on hot note.tanx

    • Sola, hope you didn’t use the above file for your hot note?? In regards the ‘no command’ thingy, your device is still safe. Just simply reboot.

  • Mr samuel, wen i read yr post on upgrading infinix x551 to lollipop using sp flash tool, u stated dat win 7 and 10 are preferable bcus users had issues wit win8. Can i knw use my win8 to update infinix x551 to lollipop?

    • Desmond, you can try using windows 8 and see if the device will be properly detected. However, i just try teaching by the practices that worked for me and not based on assumptions. I specifically used windows 7 and windows 10 for that tutorial while most win 8 users gave complains and that’s why i stated it on that post.

  • helo sam ,recovery menu by pressing and holding the power and volume up buttons together i saw “no command”pls is my fone still ok or sometin is wrong with it nids quick reply tanx,God bless

    • Yinka, as stated on the post, saying ‘no command’ is part of the process. Just commence with it. However, if the ‘no command’ error scares you, simply press and hold the power button alone and the phone should reboot to what it has always been. If you get to the flashing process, please don’t abort till it’s completed. Cheers!

  • Thanks techsng. Pls hw do i unroot an infinix hot x551 bcus i want to flash lollipop xui on it frm kitkat. Also, will d root brick d fone if i forget to unroot then upgrade?

    • Desmond, use kingroot app in unrooting. More so, flashing lollipop to the phone is better done using a PC alongside SP flash tool or infinix flash tool.

      Secondly, you shouldn’t upgrade without unrooting as upgrading via OTA without unrooting the phone will likely brick it.

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