Glo BIS – Cheapest Internet Data Plan For Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10 In Nigeria

Gone are the days when we had to pay high rates for data on blackberry 10 phones. I recall when blackberry Z10 was newly released and was the talk of the town, data cost was around N3000 monthly.

As at then, bb10 phones pay higher subscriptions than lower blackberry phones. Thank God for now, it’s a different story. Although, i don’t think it’s same story for other networks other than glo. However, i stand to be corrected.

Glo BIS Cheapest Internet Data Plan For Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10

Cheapest Data Subscription For Blackberry 10 Phones

The cheapest data subscription for Blackberry 10 phones lately is glo bis. Glo bis gives you 3GB of data for N1000. So far so good, i haven’t come across a cheaper one. Although i intend trying mtn 1000 bis plan to see if it works on Q5, Q10, Z10 and when my facts are straight, i will update it via this same blog.

How To Subscribe To GLO BIS On BlackBerry 10

  • Using a blackberry phone, send ‘comonth‘ to 777 and 1000 will be deducted.
  • You should get a confirmation message welcoming you to glo bis monthly plan.
  • Validity period is one month. However, you can subscribe anytime if you exhaust your data before the one month validity period. You can even choose to subscribe twice at a go for 2000 which will give you 6GB of data.

The most interesting part is that, you can use this subscription on Laptop computer, android, ipad or any other device that has got wireless. You can read this post to get more information on that.

In subsequent posts, i will be posting more information and tutorials related to blackberry 10 phones and data usage in Nigeria.

Update: GLO BIS is no longer valid! Globacom Nigeria has discontinued its blackberry plan. Reason for this is that, not everyone utilizes this anymore.

In this current age, the Blackberry Operating system is close to complete extinction. Although there are still ways you can use apps like WhatsApp on the BB10 platform, WhatsApp has officially discontinued it’s support for Blackberry including the BB10 Os.

If at this point, you are still looking at this content, you should consider checking out the best glo data plans for 2018 instead. At this point, you should also consider upgrading your phone.

Android phones like infinix and tecno are not expensive to get. These are the list of infinix phones I’d recommend you check out. If your budget is less than $100 USD (N30,000), these are the best 45 USD (15,000) phones you can get in the market right now.

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  • Hi Mr. Sam, please how can I subscribe twice on bb10 to get the 6gig data instead of the usual 3gig and how much does it cost now?

  • Glo bis is now 1400 for 3gig and airtel has 1000 for 3 gig. Some people said that the airtel 3ig doesn’t last and is 1.5 and not 3 gig that airtel is tricking us. Is it true?

  • Pls sir can you by any chance give me your number or kindly contact me with 08031840055 I will like to get more explanation as I can’t understand the link perfectly and I badly need this plan

  • Am happy passing by, pls. Mr samuel, I use lumia 535, pls can I use this package on it, I have wasted a lot of money on sub on this window phone, if it can’t, pls what package can I use on it?

  • Is the glo bis plan still N1000?
    Actually I had over The above sum of airtime on my glo line n tried to subscribe after my data was exhausted. However I got a reply that my credit wasn’t up to the cost of buying the data.

  • Goodmorning Sam, please help I have a problem. Is the glo Bis for 1k not working again? Am using Q10, Wanted to subscribe I send comonth to 777 as usual and glo say I dnt have enough credit, I should recharge my line and dail *777# to buy a bb plan. Meanwhile I have a minimum of 1000

  • Goodmorning Sam, please help I have a problem. Is the glo Bis for 1k not working again? Am using Q10, Wanted to subscribe I send comonth to 777 as usual and glo say I dnt have enough credit, I should recharge my line and dail *777# to buy a bb plan. Meanwhile I have a minimum of 1000)

    • Dammy, Yes it still does. You can use either caps or small letters. Just be sure not to give a space between the letters.

  • Please am using the glo sub for 1k(3g) but the network isn’t so strong like mtn where exactly am I suppose to leave the network mode on?is it 2g or 3g or both? and I will like to share the network to my laptop,please how to I do it,please help.

  • Hello good evening, I am currently using Q5. I subscribed to bbcmonth and my data plan is almost exhausted and it has not expired. I tried extending my subscription but I could not. Please what should I do? Thank you

  • Hi Sam, It worked..
    Tho I have a lil problem here.. My BlackBerry AppWorld doesn’t work anymore.. Any ideas as to how I can fix it? I really need to download..

    • Nka, it works here. It could be network issues. Just be sure you are on 3G connection which if under a stable network, would make surfing and downloading much faster.

  • Hi Sam, It worked..
    Tho I have a lil problem here.. My BlackBerry AppWorld doesn’t work anymore.. Any ideas as to how I can fix it? I really need to download..

  • Hi Samuel, Thanks for your wonderful Post. I want to subscribe on my Q5. Does it make a difference? Do I have to switch my sim to a lower blackberry first?
    Awaiting your reply..thanks..

  • thanks so so soooo much its working now,gt initial problems thou bt d solution was in ur earlier msg to ther people.d only problem now is dat i dnt knw aw to check d amout of mb left,tried using “status” bt d mb amount was nt stated.wat do u suggest.

  • kpele,good job,i av read previous commemt bt i want to b personnally reassured does d comonth for BB z10 still wrk for glo,is it a cheat? does my sim need to b in any plan or any requiremnt to b eligible

    • Isoken, it isn’t exactly a cheat. However, you can call it a trick if you want. Yes, it still works and as a matter of fact, there’s exactly what am using in replying your comment.

  • Pls sam I just got a BBZ10 and am having issues with my glo sim registered it twice but has not been activated fed up though. Is there any advice u can help me with. Secondly, would this Glo BIS(comonth to 777) work on it? Thank you. Reply asap pls

    • Angie, perhaps you should contact the customer care and have them assist you with the issue. Yes, the comonth plan should work perfectly.

  • Nice.just bought a q10 but no android apps are connecting to the internet.could it be becoz I transfered the apps from an android device?and I had my glo sim cut to a microsim but my Q10 doesn’t recognize it Pls help

    • Rimamnde, the fact that some apps were traferred from an android phone to the bb10 phone doesn’t mean they won’t work. Please bear in mind that not all android apps actually work on bb10 phones. In regards the sim thing, please confirm that the sim slot isn’t faulty as well as the sim itself.

  • Thanks sammy, but what I actually want to find out is if leaving it ON consumes data on its own just like what is encountered with android phones?

  • Sammy thanks for your good work here. Please I just got a BB Q10, I want to try the Comonth subscription on it. Wanna know if I can leave my data ON always or always OFF it inorder to save my data?? Pls reply me ASAP.
    God bless you!

  • I appreciate all the posts here so far.Pls I want to know if I can share the glo 1k for 3g data on bb10 with another glo line as in the case of using *127*01*reciepient?

  • Hi Samuel, Thanks for the info but I can’t subscribe with comonth to 777. The message was “sorry you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another Data Plan. i still av 2GB and it will expires tomorrow. Pls i will need ur reply as soon as possible before this 2gb expires. Thank u

  • My own issue is d fact dat i cant download n play store cos i twik my imei no to bb so dat i can use it on android but i cant download or upload on playstore which was possible b4 but just notice its not going again.
    Thx bro once again

  • i know this a little off topic, but do you have an idea how much i can get a Blackberry Q10 as of this present moment?
    And i read earlier comments on ur page concerning the glo bis on blackberry 10 devices, is that still working? and does sharing the connection from the 10 device to a laptop or tablet still working as well?

  • Good day mr sam, keep up the good work. God bless u.
    Pls, can I subscribe the glo 1k direct on q5 or I hv to do it on smaller phone lik bold5 before it will work?

  • Pls,am currently using the Bbcmonth plan on my techno H8. Can I switch to the COmonth plan on the same phone using d same SIM ???

  • Oh sorry i mean Mr Samuel pls forgive my manner,well sorry for the late reply , Firstly i wanna ask can the glo 3gb plan work for a Microsoft Lumia ?

  • pls i subscribed d 1k glo on bold5, if i remove d sim and put in z10 while d subscription is still on will it work on d z10? thanks in anticipation

  • Pls, in q5, battery not removable…
    What is ur stake on this. What if d battery no good again, what is d way forward.
    What if am asked to do hard reset?

    • Lanre, the battery can be changed by a phone engineer. Pressing the vol+ and vol- for long automatically resets the phone.

  • Am about to buy a new bb now, q5 or q10, am scared that subscribing on monthly bases won’t cost me more compare to bold 5 dat am using presently.

  • Good morning sir, pls will d glo 1k for 3gig work on blackberry passport if I use d phone to subscribe it or I have to use another phone to send d comonth to 777 b4 putting d Sim back in my blackberry passport. Tank u Mr samuel

  • Hello sir, how u doing? Pls I did d glo bis on my z10 but BBM is not working. Saying no BlackBerry data. N there is no BlackBerry logo at d top where I have d big H.

  • Hello Sam pls can I use my Q5 to browse with my laptop? Pls how do I do it I need to update d antivirus on my laptop thanks

    • Ifeoma, just subscribe to glo bis plan on your Q5, turn on the hotspot feature on the phone and connect your laptop’s wireless to the Q5’s hotspot.

  • Sam u have been really helpful to me but of recent my glo Bis on q10 have been really slow..the 2G,3G,4G have not been working well at all sometimes I have to wait for 5minutes for a page to load idunno what to do

    • Manuel, that could possible be as a result of the network reception at your location. It still works very well here.

  • The browsing is cool but I must tell you the rate at which data consumes is so much 3Gig doesn’t last for 2wks compared to when I was using bold 5, 3Gig last for a month plus extra, is there some thing am not doing for this heavy rate of data usage on my Q10 phone?

  • I have Glo BBC month on my sim, and I want to use the same sim to do megabit sub for my modem, will it work? And will my BBC still be retained ? Thnx man

  • Pls can BlackBerry subscription for one month work on Window phone? Because I subscribe comonth to 777 cost #1000 since yesterday but I can’t browse wt it on my Nokia Lumie microsoft phone. Pls help me. Tanks

  • Hi Sam, I recently got a BlackBerry Q5 and have done the subscription with glo, all apps are working except for my BBM which always reads ‘NO BLACKBERRY DATA’.. What do I do?.. Everything is in place including my APN which is

  • Thanks Samuel can I do the subscription from my Q10 or do I need to put my sim in a smaller bb before I can subscribe and I hope I don’t need to change my APN and to play safe can I do the weekly first

    • Steph, you can subscribe to the plan from the Q10 device. However, if for any reason, the subscription didn’t go through, try getting a smaller bb phone just to activate the plan.

  • Pls I will like to know if the 1000 for 3G still works on Q10 and can I subscribe to it on my Q10 by sending comonth to 777? I just need to know if it really works

  • Pls i send comonth to 777 and 1k was deducted from my account but i can’t still browse wt my phone…i did it on ns Nokia lumia plsss help me.

  • Pls Sam…I HV tried using d comonth to 777 like u sd and dey are sending me ds message..dt am not allowed to make ds change..dt I should choose anoda plan….kind of confused on wat next to do…d option I chose from d menu was bb10 for bb10 plans..don’t know if I would HV gone for bis for bis plan..pls tell me wat I need to do about it. tnx

  • Hi Samuel…kudos to ur work. I called glo customer care for my bbz10 bis subscription nd she gave me d code for bblite which I gladly did wtout knowing…I just checked my data status only to see dt I HV 62 mb left…I happened to come across ur blog ds evening nd my question is…. how do I do d comonth subscription now Cs ds bblite of a stuff ain’t making sense at all…..tnx so much!

    • Anne, sorry about that. The comonth still works on bb10 phone as at now and i am currently using it in replying your message now. Just send comonth to 777 and you are good to go.

  • Sam… Pls I need ur help… I cnt browse with my glo sub on my bold 5 but it works on oda bb tried it with.. it doesn’t even show the usuall EDGE wen my data is on my bold 5.. Only edge appears… I’ve called 333 nd dey said the problem is from my phone… Wat can I do

  • 2015. I am using BB Z3. Sometimes early this month I loaded 1000 on my phone, send comonth to 777 many times but kept replying me error until I got fed up and added another 1000 to subscribe for 2k. What is actuall wrong with 1000 comonth? Is it working now? Thanx

  • Hi samuel…great work. my problem is I tried subscribing with comonth today and got a message that I am not allowed to make this change and I should subscribe to a new data plan… tnx in advance

  • Hello bro, pls am using blackberry 9800 and I do connect it with laptop using glo blackberry plan but it no more working pls help me out

  • bro please my BlackBerry q10 phone keeps on telling me unable to establish a wireless data connection with current internet APN..what do i do bro?

  • pls i juat got blackberry Z3 and I have subscribed for glo bis by sending comonth to 777 and I got a message saying “BB subscription is pending activation. pld remove and insert battery. Help desk would be available in 24 hours”. pls what do I do now cos dey have deducted my 1000 naira

  • Helo sam. I just got a Q10. Pls is d glo Bis still working? N does it cover for my internet downloadings? Tnx in anticipation

  • I use glo my 4G is no longer working on my phone I only have access to browse by using 2G and is very slow.please what should I do

  • Pls I did not recharge my glo Always Micro data over some weeks so it was deactivated. Am using Samsong Android they sent dat I shld either send BBC, BIS, BES to 777. I always type 53 to 127. Pls put me through on how to recharge my normal monthly Always Micro of N1000. Thanx

    • MB, please visit and select your preferred plan. It’s more better from there as the codes may have changed.

    • Yes Chemmy, it can be used on those devices. Just change the IMEI to a blackberry IMEI and you are good to go. We have tutorials on this blog which covers those topics.

  • Go to settings->network and connections->mobile network …..u’ll see a settings icon at d bottom of d it and u’ll see ur APN settings there. Just enter and press save at d top right of the screen.
    If this doesn’t help you,then there’s nothing more I can do. Just remember that Google is ur friend.

  • Please advise!! I have a friend who use glo biz for Q5 but currently cant subscribe using “comonth to 777”. Want to find out if there is another code that can be used to subscribe and still get same package. Thanks

  • Hello Sam, thanks for d good job. Am on bb10 midi which gives 550mb for 1400, pls how can i switch to 1k for 3g am scared of my money been deducted for lesser mb. Thanks

    • Taiwo, 550MB for N1400? You’ve been wasting money o. Just send comonth to 777 and you will be given 3GB for just N1000. Works on all bb10 phones and you can tether to other devices using hotspot.

  • pls is the plan still working or have it been blocked? cos the blackberry sign stopped showing on my Q10 since yesterday. thanks

  • Pls my subscription will end on the 11th of this month, do I need to subscribe before it expires to roll over my data? or will auto renewal roll over my data?thanks

  • A new blackberry z10 was sent to me overseas. Can i still use the ‘comonth’ package? If yes,how? I would really appreciate your reply as the phone as been redundant for some time now. Thanks bro

  • I fixed it, it’s working perfectly now. I took out the Glo SIM and put an MTN SIM card in the phone to “reset” it, and then I returned the Glo SIM. This action removed the “Network Technology” option, and the Hotspot started working again.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Let me explain how it happened. I recently removed the Glo SIM from my phone for a while. When I put it back, I noticed that under “Mobile Network” settings in “Networks and Connections”, a new option had appeared: “Network Technology”, under which there are 3 options: “Global”, “LTE/CDMA” and “UMTS/GSM”.

    That’s when I noticed that the Mobile Hotspot was not working again. When I turn it on, a message comes up: “Activation Required: To use this feature, contact your wireless service provider to subscribe to a Mobile Hotspot data plan.”

    I’ve removed the SIM and put it back several times, it’s still not working. Do you think there’s anything I can do?

  • Hello. Is the Glo BB10 mobile hotspot still working? It has stopped working on my Q10, and I don’t know what to do.

  • I have been using bbcmonth on my bold 9780, it initially worked when I switched to q5 but suddenly it started showing sim card not detected but when I returned it back to bold 9780, it worked normally but the problem still persistent on my q5, pls need assistance

    • Tayo, If it’s showing sim card not detected on your Q5, chances are, the sim slot is faulty or now sim selective.

  • hello thanks for your hard wrk.. i will love to know if i can browse with the glo bis with my curve 4 through blackberry desktop manager?

    • Craig, to be honest, i haven’t tried the Blackberry desktop manager software in a long while now. You can give it a shot though.

  • Plz Samuel does bb comonth works on Nokia Lumia 520….i subscribed nd dey took d 1k nd said subscription activation pending…plz hlp me tnx

  • I must confess I love this MR Samuel Adeniyi, you are the best of all time, you made me enjoy my life. Thanks for your information,

  • I just hope it’s not an issue with the network cuz I can browse it’s just bbm that cannot be connected to the server

    • Hello Folashade, unfortunately, it’s an issue with the network. Try toggling between 2G network mode and 3G network mode. If that doesn’t fix it, turn off the Data Network (not mobile network) for like 10 to 15 seconds then turn it back on.

  • Hi Sam I recently switched from a bold3 to a z10 but still using the same glo sim. I can use other applications and they are working perfectly but can’t connect to bbm which is quite frustrating. The signal is giving me H but the bbm logo isn’t showing. I have called the customer care line but they are not really helping. Pls what do I do? This message is sent from the z10 that the bbm is not working. I will be awaiting your response. Thanks

  • Kudos to you for the good job. Please Mr samuel,if I want to use glo bis on q10, do I have to first subscribe on normal bb phone and insert the sim in my q10 after changing the APN or i will subscribe right from my q10.
    Please your quick response will be appreciated.

    • Adeyemi, subscribing from a Q10 works just fine. If along the line, you experience any difficulty, you can use a lower bb phone in getting the sim activated.

  • I did and when I request registration of the device I get a message that it cannot be registered with the present APN… why and wats d solution

  • I called customer care and they said I have been activated… when I send status to 777 it says I have been activated but dere is no BlackBerry sign and bbm isn’t working at all… pls help

  • Glo network is nt too good in my area nd I just bought a bb 10 phone so I want to ask for any available etisalat code…..pls its urgent

  • Will like 2 knw if I can roll over my data on glo bis if I Auto renew or do I have 2 subscribe a day b4 it expires. Thanks

  • Its been a great work so far… tho avnt done any of dem… Buh I lyk d fact dat ur willing to carry evry1 along… Keep it up brov… And for those dat tried it and it worked, plz try to testify to it, cus it bring trust and build beta fwndshp. #NycWorkSam

    • Android iPad? The last time i checked, iPad runs on iOS operating system and not android. Please clarify.

  • Pls is the comonth plan still active, cos it’s no more working on my q5. The blackberry logo is no more showing, just the H sign only. I can only use it with my operamini browser and whatsapp, can’t use it with others please what’s wrong.

    • Hello Kolins, that could be a geographical location issue. Glo bis still works flawlessly on Q5 and other bb10 phones and i am currently using it on my laptop via hotspot and WiFi in replying this comment.

  • Hi…thanks for the good work you’ve been doing. I’ve been using the bbcmonth and comonth on my q5 blackberry…but just yesterday…when I checked my data balance and found out it was almost finished..i recharged 1k and tried to renew and I kept getting “Sorry, you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another Data Plan.” please what do I do. I tried everything, sending both Comonth,bbcmonth even the *777*21#. Thanks

  • Hello Sam Pls I jst got my Q5 a month ago and av subscribed 3 times that’s on glo coMonth they usally send an sms dat I hav 103mb my friend who uses a Q10 is stil on d 1st subscription and she downloads more than me am jst at my wits end cos I can’t be spending 5K on subscription monthly is something wrong wit my settings? I even turn off d data when not in use Pls advice thanks

    • Hello Ngozi, do you use your subscription for something else like hotspotting to other devices and are you sure there are no apps hitting up your data?

  • Kudos for d gud wrk u ar doin here.pls can I transfer or share dis data wit sumone usin android cos I cant possibly finish 3gig in a month.

  • pls sam can i buy a q10 n use this code to connect to my s4 n tab4. moreso i would be needing upto 9gig data plan at once. can i also do that. cheers bro. u d best sofar

    • Yes Sam, you can share your data to other devices from your Q10 via hotspot.

      You can also subscribe like thrice in a month which will give you 9GB for N3000.

  • Hello sam, thanks for d code. Bt I did it,it works perfectly and very fast in deed bt I can’t access my BBM chat. What now happen is it my phone(Q5) of d sim am using?

    • Can’t use the BBM app with glo bis?? Maybe you should try downloading and re-installing the app again.

  • I read tru ur d comments and realised I can use the glo sub on ma Z30, but d sim I bought yesterday has refused me frm making or receive calls 🙁 and I called d customer they said d sim is ok but I can’t do anything wit it. Plz what do I do samuel

  • Pls I’m about to Subscribe for 1 month Plan on Glo with My BB 9930,,hope Glo supports it? cos Etisalat doesn’t

    • Yes Henrie. However, the blackberry 9900 and 9930 devices do select some sims to work with bis. It isn’t the network ish but that of the blackberry device.

    • Hello Ife, please send status to 777 and you will receive a message containing your subscription balance and expiry date.

    • Hello Sampson, simply activate the hotspot feature on your bb10 and turn on the wireless feature on your laptop and connect your laptop wireless network to your bb10 hotspot. It’s that simple.

  • Hi samuel. pls is the glo bis still working for bb10 devices, because i called customer service and they told me the highest plan is the 3k for 1.5gb plan.

  • Hi Samuel. i know you’ve answered this question a lot, but i just want to ask you. Presently, i mean as at today 28, is the glo bis working on bb10 phones?

  • IN blackberry Q5 any data plan is require for internet connection? without data plan internet working or not?IN any case wifi not connection IN any where than what I do?

    • Yes Nik, data plan is required for internet connection on bb Q5 except you want to connect via wireless.

  • Hello samuel, good job you’re doing here…please i’ll love to know if with “comonth” I can also gain access to email. And also, I want to know if you know how I can sub with airtel too, how much and their data size for bb10 monthly sub. Thanks

  • Pls help….i did the imei change and i tried to subcribe,but isn’t working instead it said i shud turn off my phone for 1hr…what shid i do….i nid ur help pls cos i am using tecno H5…

    • Make sure you are using APN as Turn the phone off and turn it back on. If it still does not activate, put it on any low blackberry phone and do the activation. After that, u can return it back to your android and enjoy.

    • So sorry Anonymous if i haven’t replied your comment. I’d get some good numbers of comments daily and i do try to respond to the ones i can. Please do you mind asking your question(s) again?

  • Hi Sam, its been awhile. I’m in same shoes as morroco! This comonth last only for 2weeks on my Z3 and I only use it just for instagram..Thinking on getting a Bold 5, wht do u think Sam, does this glo comonth work on Bold 5? And wud it last up to a month or at least 3weeks.Tnks

    • Hello Kimberly, how long the data bundle last on your device depends on how often you use it. The basic thing is, you are given 3GB of data for just N1000 and you can subscribe up to thrice in a month. In regards whether or not the phone will work on a bold 5, Yes it will.

  • Hai,pls I have been using d comonth for my Q10 but it doesn’t last for a month.i don’t even download movies or watch youtube.i only go to fb,bbm!p,whatsapp and it still finishes within 2weeks..should I try the bbc so tired of recharging every 2 weeks.i even had to delete my IG but this time around it lasted for 3weeks.i need bbc month better??

  • Hello samuel, good job you’re doing here…please i’ll love to know if with “comonth” I can also gain access to email. And also, I want to know if you know how I can sub with airtel too, how much and their data size for bb10 monthly sub. Thanks

  • bro pls my my phone keeps on telling me unable to establish a wirekess data connection with current internet APN…..on my Q5 bro pls what do i do….hope to get a fast reply

  • sir i am currently using a blackberry Z10 with the glo bis which is working perfectly on it. but tomorrow am selling out the blackberry Z10 to go for a blackberry Q10, why? because of its Qwerty keyboard which will make typing easy for me. unlike the Z10 which is very boring for me when typing. But the main issue there is that can i still use my already glo subscription which i did with the Z10 that has not yet expired, can it still work on the Q10 that am about to purchase?

  • Sam pls.. Am having issues browsing with my bb.. Presently, I’m browsin with my free 10mb data frm etisalat.. Buh apart frm opera mini nd whatsapp I cnt mk use of anytn else like, bbworld, email, bbm etc.. Pls do I need to subscribe to make use of these socials? Jst got my bb newly.. Nat familiar with it! Tanks

  • Mr Sam please can you give illustration on how to change imei……….is the comonth still active?
    Please reply asap.

  • Please I need your urgent reply about wat settings I can do on the bold 5 to make the bbc plan to continue to work

  • My Bbc plan stop working on my bold 5 simply because I change my sim with another to see it will browse with mb on it,by d time i put my sim wit my active bbc plan on it,the phone did not browse.I tried different settings on,it refuse to the time I remove d sim and pUt it into another blackberry phone,it can access the internent.plz I need your help

  • Pls. Sir. I just bought BB Q10 & was given this code *777*21# as the N1000 for 3Gb monthly subscription by a friend & Pls. Sir my question is do u know anything about this code: *777*21#?

    • I think that’s d dialing method code. If you are skeptical, you can just send comonth to 777. It will cost you N1000 for 3GB.

  • pls i’m confused about the bb z10 battery. How many
    hours does it use for heavy bb users cos i’m planning
    on getting one.. I indeed love ur blog

    • I cannot really give a range in regards that but what i can really tell you now is, it’s a good device and i can recommend it to anyone who’s looking at getting a blackberry phone.

  • Like seriously this blog as solve so many of my problem with my bb10, I recommend this blog as one of the best…..please the only problem left with me is; I can’t download operamini browser on my bb10 and it”s not included in the blackberry app world. Please do you have any link I can download it from.

  • pls i’m confused about the bb z10 battery. How many hours does it use for heavy bb users cos i’m planning on getting one

  • Hi Samuel, A very Happy Birthday to you and thanks for responding even on your birthday.
    From what you just explained, i guess because she just bought a glo sim it is difficult subscribing the Comonth plan unlike us who already have the plan activated on our BB10 device. I guess what you want her to do is get another BB OS7 Phone, insert her sim then call customer care to activate her Comonth plan right? Pardon me with the question because i just need her to really understand what next to do that’s why i want a final clarification from you. I guess i wont have any problem with mine since the sim had been activated with the Comonth plan from my old phone.

    • Yes Lily, you are right on point. Just tell her to use a lower BlackBerry phone in doing the subs then remove n insert the sim on her bb10. She shouldn’t have any problem afterwards.

      By The Way, thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s duly appreciated. *smiles….

  • Hi Samuel, let me get this clearly…when she calls customer what plan exactly should she tell them to activate? should she tell them to activate Comonth BB plan or what? Please explain precisely as they keep deducting and refunding her money and it is quite frustrating at the moment for her because she has been calling customer service non stop for over a week now. Please help so she doesn’t regret getting the Q5. With this little challenge she is facing i’m a bit skeptical on getting the Z30 i intended getting soon. It is surprising though cos i have been using q10 with the Comonth subscription for long not until i lost my fone, i really do not know what to expect with the Z30 if i eventually get it. Pls help me……it is really FRUSTRATING for my sis, thanks a lot for your timely response.

    • Hello Lily, I apologise for the late response. Today is actually my birthday.

      In regards the subscription issue, tell your sister to call the customer care and ask them to help her activate the comonth plan. Alternatively, if she can get access to be BlackBerry phone running OS7 downloads like bold 5 and sorts, she can use it in subscribing and then, insert the sim on her device.

      As regards your being skeptical to getting a BlackBerry Z30 because of the working subscription on your Q10, you don’t have be scared. Just make sure you have auto-renewal on. Make sure you have a minimum of N1000 on the already subscribed sim so that the subscription renews automatically. It should work on whatever bb10 phone you insert your already subscribed sim in.

      Hope this helps?

  • Ok Samuel, I will tell her to try that though yesterday she told me customer care gave her another option of subscription for 3G at N1500, i dont understand the difficulty myself. I will try this and get back to you. Thanks!

  • Hello Samuel, you are doing an awesome work here and i commend you for your patience and special time to respond to all our enquiries. Actuall i got a q5 for my sis lastweek and uptill now she has been finding it difficult to subscribe the COMONTH with Glo. They initially deducted N1000, she called glo and they reverted the money, i advised her to try it again which she did but up till now the subscription haven’t been activated… still states subscription is pending activation and the 1K was deducted. She has been calling glo and it is really frustrating for her because i recommended the Comonth subscription which was working perfectly for my Q10 2months ago. One other challenge is she doesn’t know how to do a hard reset because q5 battery cannot be removed. I will really appreciate your assistance. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Lily, Sorry about the ordeal your sister is passing through with glo bis. Here is what she should do. She should call the customer care and tell them to help her activate the plan. When asked what device she uses, she should say a bold 2 or any other blackberry device running OS 7 downwards…..

  • Pls i need help with my bbq10, the
    Comonth subs has been working well till abt 6days ago it stoped showing the H jst 3g with full Network but i cant brows , called 121 and they said wrong subs. my status showing dat i have over 2gig remaining valid till 5th may, pls West do i do. Thanks

    • Relax Rukky, it could be something with the network in your geographical location. However, just turn the data services (not mobile services) off on your device for like 5 to 10 seconds and then turn it back ON. Hopefully, that should fix the situation.

  • Hello Samuel, good work! I’m impressed, I have learnt a lot from this blog.
    Please I want to use Airtel subscription for my Z10, I don’t know if the normal BIS works. GLO network is so bad here, so that’s why I want to try Airtel.
    If it works, I want to also know the amount of GB, the subscription code and the amount. Thanks. 🙂

  • what is the alternative in updating your OS on blackberry 10 if you don’t have a WiFi because it’s saying that it can’t use the Mobile network to update and I should connect to a WiFi and I don’t have one.

  • Kk thank u. Secondly, I have been tryn to renew my sub on q10 all day but it keeps telling me “sorry you are not allowed to make the change. Kindly pick another data plan.” plz advise

  • G’dday @ sam I am tryn to update my  q10 to d new update but fone keeps refering me to connect to wifi. Is there a way I can download straight from my fone? It’s a 1.5gb update

  • Hi sam,I just bought a Q10 bt d software isn’t up to date,I wanna know if this 3gb on glo can be enough for me 2 update It,and wat code do I need 2 send to get d 6gb on glo..u can reply via 08139122510

    • Yes, it should be. Send comonth to 777 and you will be given 3GB of data for N1000. If you want 6GB, you will need to send the code twice and N2000 will be deducted from your account.

  • Thanks a lot for all the tips u share. Wanna find out if the glo 3g for 1k can work on a PC using a modem. If yes, are there settings to make?
    Thank u

    • Obyno, No the glo 3G for 1K plan cannot work directly on computer however, you can share the connection from your bb10 phone to your computer and that works fine.

  • please help, my q5 wiped and my daughter mistakenly set the language to French(I think) and now don’t understand what is saying and showing something about WiFi. I have tried a hard reset it’s still the same what should I do. urgent please.

    • Try using the Blackberry link software in reloading the OS and under the language option, be sure to choose English.

  • thank u for your response pls I have three major issues 1. the blackberry q5 was given to me by my sister and it’s still showing her blackberry id, how can I change it to my own BB id 2. my bb id was [email protected], can I use this id to log on the q5 which has a glo line or do I have to create a new for the q5 3. how can I transfer all my bbm contacts and apps from my BB 9810 to the q5 easily and must I activate bis on the q5 before I can perform any of this cos I still have an active bis on the 9810 by mtn. pls put me through and pls add my email to get update [email protected]. expecting n tks again.

  • thanks so much for your response. I have three issues 1. the q5 was given to me by my sister and it still showing her blackberry id, how can I change it to my own id 2. my blackberry id was [email protected] can I use this to log on into the q5 that is using a glo line 3. must I have an active bis on the q5 before I can carry out any changes and pls how can I switch all my contacts n apps from the 9810 to the q5 (though I still have an active bis on the 9810 by mtn). thanks so much

  • Hi sam,I subscribed to the glo bis and I’ve not gotten any confirmation text rather they keep sending me this message when ever I tried to check my data ”welcome!BlackBerry subscription is pending activation. please remove and insert battery after one hour.helpdesk 333 would be avaliable in 24hrs”.please what should I do.

    • Just chill, it should be activated in no time. If you want, you can turn the data network off and on. That could fasten the process.

  • I did the plan on my Bold 3. But it says activation pending. Please, would it work after some hours or never at all? Secondly, i admire your enthusiasm and hardwork. Keep it up.

  • Hi Sam, its me again Kimberly, I wud like to know if I can equally use this “COMONTH to 777″ on my Samsung galaxy grand phone GT-19082 for 3gb a month for 1k also….wud it work for a month. Bas it did for bbz3? Thnx

    • To be honest, i haven’t tried the weekly. I have only been using the monthly and am still using that till date.

  • please I was using a bb 9810 with mtn bis and just got a q5 and I want to use glo on it, please is it possible to transfer all my info (bbm contacts, app etc.) from the 9810 to the q5 without problems. I mean is switching device possible with two different network. Also I discover that I can’t view my main home screen, it is always displaying the bbm hub and when I swipe up to remove it it takes me to app page. thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Good evening pls I jez subscribe on the glo comonth and its telling to wait for 24hrs. Pls is it still going to work bcos I can’t immagine to waste #1000. Thanks need. Reply ASAP.

  • had my doubts for about 5 hours wen I was told d activation is pending…..i called d customer care and was told d plan is not for bb10 devices buh after an hour I got a confirmation sms dat my bis plan has bin activated and it workd perfectly for me
    tnx a lot mr.sam

  • Hi Sam, thnx for all the great tips & advices u have been dishing out. This site is packed full of useful info, so keep up the good work….Pls I’ve been using “COMONTH to 777″ on my bbz3 successfully for 3weeks now and it suddenly stopped working, cos I might have exhausted my data!Should I opt out first and load another 1k or just load 1k without opting out first..hope it will STILL give me one month data, cuz for my etisalat I have to opt out first that’s why I m asking b4 loading. Thnks million.

    • No you don’t have to option out. Just recharge N1k and send comonth to 777 and a new monthly plan will be activated for you.

  • Gud morning, about d BlackBerry plan (bis), is d
    Comonth d same with bbcmonth. and why don’t they last up to a Month.

  • Mr. Sam I can’t connect calls with my 3G/4G but browse well. To make calls I change to 2G. What could be the problem?b

  • If I share network to my laptop with this plans from Q10 will it work without installing the blackberry desktop to my laptop ?

  • Hello mr Sam pls my question is dis if I no finish d glo comonth and I do auto renewal will it add up d remaining data to d new month

  • Hello sam, pls can u help me with info abt BlackBerry plans for Q5 fones for airtel and etisalat. I’ve bin using glo since Jan bt av never enjoyed it. am presently in ife.Oau to be precise n nt enjoying the network @all. Pls help me with other. Alternatives please or is it my fone that have issues? Co’s I can’t browse with it and cnt open my BlackBerry world. Thank you for your response.

  • Hello sam, pls can u help me with info abt BlackBerry plans for Q5 fones for aitel and etisalat. I’ve bin using glo but am presently in ife.Oau to be precise n nt enjoying the network @all. Pls help me with other. Alternatives please or is it my fone that have issues? Co’s I can’t browse with it and cnt poen mu BlackBerry world. Thank you for your response.

  • I noticed that glo Bis is now fluctuating on my BBq10 after I did the latest subscription,,, it has never been stable. It’s very bad.. what do I do? @sammy

    • It’s a geographical issue. I am not experiencing same here. You should chill, am sure it will get better.

  • Hi sam, I like the good job you are doing on this blog. please I just want to know if mtn bis daily subscription works on Q5? thank you

  • Thanks Sam… Just want to confirm one more thing, I heard skype consume a lot of MB and the major reason I got this fone is for skype so my question now is if I skype regularly, with the facebook, bb etc, will it still last a month?

    • Well, it depends on the length of your skype calls. But even if you should exhaust your data before the month end, you can subscribe thrice in a month.

  • Thanks so much sam for this wonderful help u are rendering, God bless u. I just bought my fone yesterday and have been confused on the sim to use decided to google and I saw this. Pls must I always switch my data off for it to last one month? Though have not cut my sim yest to try this but am sure it will work. Thanks once again

    • No you don’t have to switch your data off. You are given 3GB for 1K in a month. If you are the type who do not consume much data, that should take you for a month.

    • Dial *777*0# to confirm if the service has been activated. If not, please contact customer care to help you resolve it.

  • Mr Sam, I use a BBQ5, and I dialled *777*12# based on your recommendation to subscribe for 3GB @ 1k. Since I bought my phone, I’ve not been able to use the sms, that’s why I used the dial prompt. Now, my 1k is gone, and subscription was not made Kindly help out. Thanks.

  • Hey sammy, would like to kn0w if i can use a different ph0ne to send the sms. That’s the c0m0nth stuff bcos i dnt hav a BB. Thanks.

  • Hi sammy, hope u re gud? Jst want an update on
    airtel cheapest os 7 BB that works with pc and
    also etisalat, thanks.

  • Hi sammy, hope u re gud? Jst want an update on airtel cheapest os 7 BB that works with pc and also etisalat, thanks.

  • Sam great work bra, u are a responsible blogger iv ever seen. Anyways I jst wana confirm this: so the normal BIS is working on bb10 OS which is said to be not working by all service providers? And the bb10 devices can actually share the BIS via wi-fi?

    • Yes. The glo bis plan of 1K still works on bb 10 phones and can be shared via hotspot to other devices that’s got wireless.

  • Please how do I check my account balance on glo. I use z30 and subscribed to comonth,but cannot say for sure if am using the subscription or my credit to browse. I tried checking my account balance but it’s not showing me. Again, the APN setting is with no username nor password is that correct?

  • I subscribed for the glo bis on my blackberry 9930 and ever since I can’t browse on my device,I’ve called their customer care but they didn’t profer a solution,funny enough when I insert this same sim in my friends bb,its browses like mad and his mtn sim works on my phone too,buh upon inserting my sim back into my phone,it goes back to the former state..I’m fed up with this whole thing,I just got the phone in question not quite long (less than a month)…What do I do boss,cos time’s running out??Thx

    • That should be a blackberry bold 5 device right? Am not new to the issue you are facing with that phone. It works that way. For some bold 5, MTN bis would not work on the device and a glo bis or airtel bis would flawlessly work. You just have to stick with the situation your bb 9930 bold 5 has fixed you. Just continue using MTN. After all, it’s same price of 1K for a month with no specified data allocated.

  • Hi Samuel, I went through all the comments and your replies on your post and I must say you are doing a good job! Keep it up! I use a BlackBerry 10 smart phone and I make use of the Glo comonth plan and it works fine. It’s just that recently, the 1Mobile market app I use in downloading android apps don’t run anymore. It’s always connection error but other apps run smoothly. What do I do?

  • Hi Samuel, went through all the comments on your post and your replies. You are doing a good job, keep it up. I use a BlackBerry 10 smart phone and the Glo Comonth plan works perfectly. But the 1mobile market app I use to download android apps won’t run and it displays “connection lost”. Other apps run smoothly. What do I do?

  • i bought a glo sim registered it but i cnt call .its saying i should register it but had done that.what should i do….cnt wait to comonth jie

    • Normally, when you register a sim, you have to give it some hours for it to be fully registered. If after 24hrs and the sim isn’t still registered, please take it to another registering outlet. Thanks.

  • Thanks so much for helping us out on glo bis sub of 1k on works fine.Pls Mr samuel how do I check my awoof balance on glo.and again pls send me ur updates to my mailbox. thanks

    • You can dial #122*2#. I have added your email to our email updates. You should be getting email updates once every week except when necessary.

    • I have added your email address to our mailing list. You should be receiving email updates once a week except when intended.

      Well, porting to glo would have to be a personal decision. It all boils down to how good the network is in your location.

  • Please, i subscribed. Using d comonth on ma bbQ5 n ws given 3072 mb and not gigabyte… why is that soo please? I thought it was supposed to be up to 2gig.

  • Good morning @ Samuel. Pls am using d comonth data plan. 1k. Bt my subscription is nt finished bt d re charging MI from my credit. I Still hv, 180mb

  • Thanks a lot for the relentless effort in assistance.I read through and realize my issue is thesame with Rinsola. Pls can u kindly tell me what u told her as I quote.

    I did the comonth on my BB Q10. See the service reply: Wecome! BB subscription is pending activation. Please remove & insert baterry after 1 hour. Helpdesk 33 would be available in 24hours. Pls mr sam, what should i do?”

    Posted on December 20th, 2014″

    • I think i must have replied to that comment but if you didn’t see or i missed it, simply turn off your data network under settings for like 10 seconds and turn it back on. Although that should fix it but if it doesn’t, contact the customer care and tell them to help you activate the plan. However, if asked what kinda bb phone you use, do not tell them you use a bb10 phone. You can tell them something lower like curve 6 and the rest OS 7 downwards devices.

  • i was in a fix when i called glo customer care and was told that the 1k sub does not work on a bb10. a big thanks to u all. u gave m confidence to try it and it eventually worked out.sammy u are simply the best. God bless u and ur family.

  • Good day bro Sam. More grease to yhur elbow. I have blackberry 9720 and blackberry Q10. I loaded the credit on BB 9720. I actually subscribed a month plan on glo which is #1,000. Tho, immediately I subscribed it started working and I browsed. I even on the hotspot and it connected with my Samsung tab. But along the line it stopped working. I have tried it several times it doesn’t connect. I later move the sim to BB Q10 still the same thing. What should I do???? Kindly mail me on this email [email protected]

  • I think the problem is dat my BlackBerry logo at the right top of my fone is no longer there.any idea Wat to do to rectify it?

    • Hello Kelechi, i cannot ascertain the problem with your device but i can guarantee you that every app works with the glo bis on bb10 phones. I am currently sharing the data to my laptop via hotspot which i am equally using in replying you now.

  • Hi samuel
    I have been try comonth subscription to my bbZ10 but I’am always receiving msge that read as follows: welcome! Bb subscription is pending activation.pla remove nd insert battery after 1 hour.helpdesk 333 would be available in 24 hrs. Sir, can I use my sim to other bb which is not Z10 nd subscribe when activation was completed nd then put the sim to my bb Z10? Thanks a lot nd may GOD guide u nd ur family. Inbox me bear 08078427165 Thanks once again

    • Ordinarily, you do not need to swap your sim to any other phone before it works. Turn off your data network for some few seconds and turn it back on. If that still does not work, contact the customer care and tell them to help you activate it. If asked what kinda phone you use, you may have to state any BB OS 7 downwards phone.

  • Hi Sammy, I get this error mssg you r not allowed To make dis change. Kindly choose anoda data plan. And u ave talked abt it. But ma question is wat if i need data badly to use for ma downloads. What do I do

    • Just make sure to have N1000 on your phone and do whatever you want to do, it will automatically be renewed as long as you didn’t cancel auto-renewal.

  • My subscription is still active, I av over 2000mb,the H is showing but the blackberry icon is not showing bsd the H like av seen on oda pplS fone.. I subscribed on my mtn line, it’s the same thing. what should I do?? Pls reply

    • Since it’s same thing even when you used an MTN sim, i can’t really say if it’s a network issue or your phone issue. There’s really a limitation to what i can do online. Hence, I would suggest you take it to someone around you who understands a blackberry phone.

  • Thanks for the reply samuel, My apn is set to,have upgraded d bbm is still saying the same thing, av also upgraded the q5 to 10.3 the bbm app still isn’t working, pls what should I do??? M worried, ts not up to a week I bought the phone…

  • Hi Samuel, v subscribed to d glo plan on my q5 my BBM is saying no blackberry data,BBM is unable to connect to the server, my other apps r working what should I do? Pls reply tanx!

    • If other apps are working, then the BBM subscription works. Just be sure you are using the latest version of BBM. You can send status to 777 to confirm if your subscription is active and make sure your bb apn is set to

  • Hi Sam, thank you for this. I have been trying to subscribe since yesterday 5th 2015 in addition to the remaining MB that I have from the previous subscription which I have been enjoying for some time now. But, the subscription is not going through. I only receive the message “you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another data plan”.

    Pls, have they stopped the comonth plan on BB10? Kindly reply me ASAP pls. Thanks

  • Hi Sam, thank you for this. Since yesterday the 5th of February 2015, I have been trying to subscribe to this plan which I have been enjoying for some time now, but to my surprise it is not subscribing. I only get the message that says “sorry u r not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another plan”.

    Note that I still have some MB of data left from my previous subscription and I called the customer care to which they said it’s bcs the subscription is not designed for BB10.

    Pls, what could be the problem, have they stopped the comonth plan on BB10? Pls reply me ASAP. Thank you my friend.

  • Hi samuel. just did the glo plan now. i sent comonth to 777 and i got a reply saying “welcome. BB subscription is pending activation. please remove and insert battery after 1hr. helpdesk 333 would be available in 24hrs.thank you” 1000 naira is deducted. so hw can i check my data…

    • Send status to 777 to confirm if your subscription has been activated and if it hasn’t, you could restart your phone.

  • Firstly, lemme appreciate the good job u are doing here, God bless u. I use a Q10 but sometimes my phone writes sim not detected and after restarting it gets back to normal. Do u know what d cause might likely be?

  • Firstly, I wanna appreciate the good work u are doing here. Of a truth, I have benefited immensely. I use a Q10 and sometimes my my phone writes sim not detected but after restarting it, it gets back to normal. Do u have any idea of what could probably be the cause?

  • Hello Samuel,pls help me out on my z3 glo subscription,I just bought d sim glo today and dey av removed d 1k but is not working on my phone

    • Calm Down Bisola :-)…… Have you been sent a confirmatory message? If No, Kindly contact the customer care and tell them to activate it for you. You can also send status to 777 to confirm if your subscription has been activated.

  • I did this subscription on ma z10 but for over a week now i have been receiving only 2g..once I switch ma phone into 3g network disappears totally and I would need to switch it back to 2g…Pls any ideas on what I could do??

  • Good evening Sammy, pls I want to know if there’s anyway I can make the glo bis work on my Lumia phone. If not, apart from airtel what other cheap data sub is available, cuz I heard airtel charges double

  • I said my BBM is nt workin wiv Glo subscription. It always show “NO blackberry data”. Y oda applications ar worki. So wot wil I do?

    • What kinda phone do you use? If BB10, please confirm if it’s truly a Blackberry phone because i have received cases of supposed blackberry phones to be android and as at when posting this reply, all apps works on my bb10 phone using the comonth plan.

  • I said my BBM is not workin wiv Glo subscription it always show “NO blackberry data” and all oda applications ar workin.. so wot wil I do?

  • I said my BBM is not working wiv Glo subscription. It always show “NO blackberry data”. While every oda application are workin. So wot wil I do?

  • pls bro I need code for airtel….didn’t know about this glo stuff before I bought airtel….will start using it next month but right now I need code for airtel for z10…pls reply urgently…. thanks in anticipation

  • Thanks for ur good work. I was using this comonth plan on my z10 before. It was d best. But i am now livin in an area with very poor glo ntwk. Only mtn is strong. Pls which mtn plan wil u suggest?

    • Hello Amaka, Since you are in need for an mtn data plan for your kinda device, i would suggest using the MTN BetterME plan which gives you 2GB for N2015. Dial *123*4# for more information.

  • Hi samuel,pls I subscribe 2 Glo plan(comonth)and successful. But I can only do all on my phone but cnt use BBM on it.(Q5)it always show “NO BLACKBERRY data” pls wot wil I do?

  • Bravo to you Mr.Sam. I was convinced with ur posts and decided to try glo stuff on my Q10. I got the confirmation message, the H and bb logo came up but was for just a short while. I switched off the data service and back on, still the small h showing. Pls, way out.

    • Thanks Tope. The issue you are experiencing is as a result of the network situation in your location. Kindly turn off the data services for like 10 seconds and then turn it back on.

  • Mr sam pls I want to get a bb z10 but first I wanna ask yhu how dis bb10 phones consumes megabyte..does it consume megabyte like android phones?

  • Please, have bin using glo plan on my z3 device for some time now n this week I was trying to re subscribe only for me to be getting this response SHORT MESSAGE FAILED. or ag times Short message transfer fail. Please, what can I do. I called glo customer care and I wsd told that I need to be using a data plan and not BIS

  • Pls have been using my z3 on glo bis for some months now, but this January I loaded only for it to be sending me ‘SHORT MESSAGE FAILED’.Have been trying to subscribe for the past few days. At times, it will be sms failed. Awaiting ur response. Thanks and God bless you real good.

  • Thanks for always helping out. please, I’ve been using “COMONTH to 777″ on my Z3 for over 2 months and it worked, but suddenly It’s not working. I keep getting a messages saying; “Sorry, you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another Data Plan. Has Glo stopped the 3gb plan and if not, please what can i do to rectify it. Thanks

  • Pls I subscribed for the glo comonth on my z10 but I can’t just browse with it during the day except at midnight because during the day it never shows that BlackBerry sign at the network side to show that it has connected. I stay in [email protected] campus pls what should I do? Because the network is frustrating me

    • Hello Okena, you just rightly said it. The network in your location is responsible for the issues you are facing. It’s rightly believed that network gets better during night time. Mine works here all day although my location is different from yours.

  • I’ve been using “COMONTH to 777” on my BBQ5 for over 6months and it worked, but suddenly It’s not working. I keep getting a messages saying; “Sorry, you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another Data Plan.” What do I do?

    • Yes it can. You just have to change the p5 imei to a blackberry imei. We’ve got posts here to guide you through that.

  • Had problems downloading but ur comments helped me! Kudos to you welldone n for those in doubt glo. Works with Q5 the only issue is that their network is soooo bad n poor! I hope dey do something about it soon. Thanks sam

  • Pls how can I download opera mini on my Q5 phone since its not in the list of apps in tje BlackBerry world? Also I have been trying to connect my phone to my laptop using USB cord but it’s telling me to get Wifi or Internet connection to do this. Pls help me out here.went to transfer things to my phone urgently. Thanks for your reply n Happy new year to you!

    • Hello Yemi, as regards the Opera-mini, you would need to search online for the apk version. As regards connecting to your PC, you do not need internet connection for that to be done. Just make sure you are using the right cable and you have blackberry link software installed on your computer.

  • I just exhausted my BBCmonth data on my q10 and I tried to sub for another month and I keep getting this error message “Sorry, you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another Data Plan.”

    • Just make sure to have over 1K on your phone and keep browsing, as long as you didn’t cancel auto-renewal, your credit will be debited and a fresh subscription will be activated for you.

  • Mr Sam, u’re doing a really nice thing here, welldone. Um, I’ve been using the 1,000 glo bis plan for about 3months on my Q10 but I noticed this morning, d network disappeared. It’s now small edge. When this happens normally, I just wait a while or turn off d data and back on. Well, it’s evening now and still no network. I still have 1gig worth, valid till 15th. what can I do pls and is there a way I can get d network to stay steady with this plan? Thanks much

    • Based on the experience you just shared, it has something to do with the network in your location. You just have to wait till the network becomes stable again.

  • Mr sam please how can I check my data balance after subscribing with comonth to 777 on bb10 coz d status to 777 isn’t working. Thanks

  • Samuel thanks for ur response. no wonder I have been trying those browsers and no one seems to work. Pls do u have idea on how I can purchase application from BlackBerry app store? I have tried using first bank mastercard and diamond visa card but non worked out. I don’t really know if I did not input the right digits or whether the atm cards does not work. Pls I need ur reply on this. thanks

  • Sam, thanks for ur good works, infact here will be where I will be spending my free time. hope other questions about phone\computer is still allowed and not just only glo. I want to ask where I can download ucweb, crown and Firefox browsers on my BlackBerry Q5, I have transfered from android to my phone but it did not work well, I have tried to download from 1mobile and mobogenie, but can’t even download anything from those stores, Pls I want u to help me with a link to a reliable store where I can download all types of workable android application on my Q5. thanks

    • Hello Newman, We’d hope to be seeing more of you here. You can always visit the homepage and other categories for more interesting posts. You can visit the Blackberry category for most posts relating to your blackberry device. As regards using firefox, ucweb browsers on Q5, they don’t work well on the device. I’d advice you rather stick to the inbuilt browser or opera-mini.

  • Thanks bro. i must confess; i’ve never met a blogger as gud nd calm as u, wil reply u back when iam don’ with the subscription!!

    • My Job here is to give information i know and also assist when question arises regarding the information. I am glad I’ve been of help. Thanks for the acknowledgement Sir.

  • i use the comonth on my bb10 z10 but I notice the 3gb do finish too quickly like 2 weeks and it is finished. what could be the cause. I subscribed on 17 and on 27 it is telling me my subscription has finished.

    • Usage depends on you and the applications you run on your device. In my case, i use the plan on my bb, android and laptop and i subscribe within every 10 days as a result of my usage. You can always send status to 777 to verify the amount of data left on your plan.

  • Hi, I wanted to use my bb bold5 on PC via the blackberry desktop manager, bt its requesting for password nd I ve typed my security password there bt it doesn’t accept dt. Pls which passsword is it requesting for cos I ve made 4 trials already out of 10. Tnx

    • Security password is the password you used on your blackberry phone. Please make sure you are inputting the right password.

  • Hi sammy, i gat a blackberry z10. But iam kinda confused on the network to use! Iam not that type that gat much douh.but scared to loose airtime to subscribe; are you sure just this code works for 3g? Tho’ i just inserted the glo sim in the phone but no settings recieved, wt abt that? Thirdly, someone told me that bb z10 is an android phone nt a real bb like bold and curve; i wana knw mre abt this. Lastly, i use my mtn line on whatsapp, now dat the z10 is one sim, if i use my new glo sim to update the whatsapp, how abt those who wil wnt to add me on whatsapp? wil they use my new numbr, or the old mtn numbr? Guess u don’t mind replying me shortly?? thanks boss!

    • Hello, you can opt in for the glo bis plan on your z10. No settings was expected to be received. Just have the required amount and have the required airtime on your phone. About Z10 been an android, that’s totally wrong. Evidently, all bb10 phones has some sorta of similarity with an android device. However, that doesn’t deny the fact that its running on a bb10 OS (Operating system). In regards updating whatsapp, as long as you are already using whatsapp on the phone, using a glo sim in updating it wouldn’t cause any harm or change in number as long as you didn’t do that manually.

  • I subscribed for one month with d code bbc to 777, and about two weeks my internet stopped working and if i check my balance, it says my subscription has expired….i don’t just get it.
    Can sumone help pls, i use bold 5.

  • Pls I tried using dis code on my z10 but. D message is not delivery. The. Message displayed is”general problem”. what should I do? Urgent pls

  • I did the comonth on my BB Q10. See the service reply: Wecome! BB subscription is pending activation. Please remove & insert baterry after 1 hour. Helpdesk 33 would be available in 24hours. Pls mr sam, what should i do?

  • Its sad a niqqa can’t share network via hotspot on glo bis…but I’ve heard about some developments with the aid of blackberry desktop manager,I’m very much optimistic there may be a way out as to that.I implore that Sammy looks into it.Very much needed.

    • Hello Sammy, the bis plan can be shared via hotspot if using a bb10 phone. As for lower devices, it can’t be shared. However, it can be used on PC via the blackberry desktop manager.

    • It’s still 3GB o. Please don’t allow anyone feed you with wrong news. If there was a reduction on the data allocated, we would have posted it on this blog.

  • Hi samuel. Pls I subscribed for glo 1000 for my z10. It worked but later no data service was available. I called customer care and I was told to send my pin and imei num. I want to knw if I should. Thinking I wud b told I did the wrong subscription for z10. Urgent ans needed pls

    • I wouldn’t advise you to send it. In regards the issue you are having, it’s a network ish. The network hasn’t really been so cool earlier today but it’s okay now.

  • @Samuel, I later discover the Z10 was a clone and not the original as I thought… though it look more like original Z10, same battery buh dis is running an android 4.3 OS instead of BB10.2. am stuck right now I don’t even know what to do to make d sub works. any help pls?

    • Hello Pal. So sorry about that. Never knew Z10’s got cloned version till now. Please install Antutu benchmark app and do tell me if it’s an MTK Device, Ram and Rom. If it’s an MTK device, you may need to change the IMEI in other to use the already subscribed bis sim on it.

  • Guy please will I be able to hotspot my bold 5 to connect to my tab using the glo bis and secondly is the airtel 1500 for 4gb still active?..thank u

    • No Teejay, u can’t hotspot glo bis from a bold 5 phone. The hotspot thing with glo only works on bb10 phones presently.

      Yes. The airtel N1500 for 4GB is still active although it depends on whether or not the sim is eligible.

    • Sir, are you sure that isn’t a problem with your phone?

      It’s working even as am replying your comment now. All apps work. Please check in on your phone if all is well.

  • Samuel pls don’t mind me o, will I be able to download on googleplay, use BBM as well as use mobile banking applications? I want to ascertain before I subscribe pls? presently am using globounce free data but o can’t use it on googleplay, BBM or mobile banking app. only whatsapp & opera

    • Google play store on Z10? LOL… Are u sure that’s bb or CC?

      Oh well, all apps works with the comonth. I am using access bank mobile banking on mine and it works very well.

      Bottom line is……Yes sir, all apps works on the glo bis. Thanks.

  • Samuel pls don’t mind me o, will I be able to download on googleplay, use BBM as well as use mobile banking applications? I want to ascertain before I subscribe pls? presently am using globounce free data but o can’t use it on googleplay, BBM or mobile banking app. only whatsapp and opera

  • Samuel pls don’t mind me o, will I be able to download on googleplay, use BBM as well as use mobile banking applications? I want to ascertain before I subscribe pls? presently am using globounce free data but o can’t use it on googleplay, BBM or mobile banking app. only whatsapp and opera.

    • Hello Winki, both devices runs on the bb10 OS. Talking about the hardware functionality, there ain’t no much difference between both. Q5 has got a visible qwenty keypad while the Z10 doesn’t. It all boils down to your taste.

  • Pls sam, I just bought a glo sim. Can i use the comonth on Q10? I got to glo office to buy the glo sim, i was told to send BBCMONTH to 777.

  • Nice work bro. I have not tried it yet but I sure will when I exhaust my data. FYI I have found out that MTN SME data charges you more than you use which automatically means you exhaust the data faster than it normally should.a few friends of mine said the same thing too. I have done this more than 3 times and I have not only discovered that it’s a pathetic little scam from MTN but a total rip off where data subscription is concerned. However, I am yet to try Etisalat SME data to know if they follow the same shameful thread as MTN. Just thought i’d share.

  • hello samuel…i tried d code on a bold 2 afta which i wz told 2 remuv d b3 nd insert it in d next 1hr. I did insert d sim in ma z10 and it didnt wrk. Pls wat error am i facin?

    • Hello, simply turn off the data connection network (Not the phone network), chill for about 10 seconds and turn it back on. That should fix it.

  • Hi Samuel, keep up the good work. Please I want to know if I can share internet with mobile hotspot on BB bold 6, when using glo comonth plan? Its urgent please. Thanks.

  • Hi
    I sent COMONTH to 777. The text isn’t delivering but rather saying “Short Message Transfer Rejected” Though Sms sent to other nos deliver. What can I do pls?.

  • Pls has anyone tried this glo bis on an iphone. Because it’s not working in mine but it’s workin on my friend’s z10… Pls if it’s working on yours, tell me what to do about my settings

    • Hello Monique, the plan won’t work directly on your iPhone. Unless your friends share the internet connection from his Z10 to your iPhone via hotspot.

  • Tenx for sendin me ur number I really lik dis ur page it help a Lot Kudos to U. pls wit dis subscrption can somebody use d hotspots for browsin on laptop

    • Hello John, am glad am happy to help. Just endeavour to bookmark and always visit during leisure.

      Yes. If using a bb10 phone, u can share the connection via hotspot to other devices that has wireless feature working.

  • Pls I subscribed for the glo bis plan on a BB Z10 and 1000 was deducted but I didn’t get any activation message. Do you think if I insert d sim into a bb device like bold 2, the subscription will be activated? Pls it’s urgent

    • If you do not have much credit on the sim anymore, try browsing and see if the subscription is already active. Otherwise, you should contact the customer care for complaints.

  • Pls Sammy,I use Q5,someone said it is ‘BBCMONTH’ to 777. Which one is appropriate for Q5 – is it ‘COMONTH’ to 777 or ‘BBCMONTH’ to 777.
    Again do I need to change APN setting from ‘’ to ‘’
    Thanks for your anticipated quick response.

    • Hello Viva, ordinarily, if you call the customer care, they would recommend the latter. They would even tell you the comonth doesn’t work but in actual sense, it works.

  • Saw this same procedure u asked me to follow on a page while searching for ans to my question but taught it was fake, but now that said it I’ll give it a try; though just planning to get a glo sim. Just wanted to be sure to avoid waste of time and money. Thanks all same.

    • Emmanuel, Honestly, I dont use a lumia phone neither have i personally tried it on one. However, a very close friend of mine says it works. Just use d subscription on a bold 2 for like 5 mins and return it back to the lumia using APN as Username and password should be left blank.

    • I’m glad i am able to help. Just turn on your wifi network and choose to search for available network. It would recognize one if there is any close to you.

  • hi. Pls i use a bbq5 on airtel network. Dont know much abt wifi connection.Theres a radio station close to me that uses wifi. I can see the wifi sign on my mtn but i cant see it on my airtel. Is it possible to connect my airtel. If yes, how can i do it. Iv tried it but its always ‘no available network’. Secondly, on my bbq5 i want to be able to leave data on so i can see msges instantly. Presently i cant do that because its either my battery wld run down or my data wld run down. Can u help pls

    • Hello, Wifi connections do not work with Network SIM in the sense that, even without a sim card on your phone, wifi networks can be accessed if there’s anyone close. Hence, i am guessing it isn’t a phone problem but could be the wifi connection been turned off while switching sims.

      Talking about leaving data on to receive messages instantly, you do not have a choice other than leaving data connection ON. Just simply make sure you are on a good plan. GLO BIS (3GB) and Airtel BIS(4GB if eligible) should be good enough as they cost just N1000 and N1500 respectively. Hope that helps?

    • Hello Femi, If you scroll up to read previous comments, you’d realize that it works and other readers have attested to that. I use a bb10 phone myself and am using the bis plan in replying you now. What error did you face after subscribing?

    • Hello Osas, Personally, I haven’t tried using it on a Nokia Lumia phone directly. However, a friend of mine says it works on his Lumia phone by first using the sim on a BlackBerry bold 2 for like 5 mins before fixing the sim on the Lumia phone and that works for him. You can try it out using an already subscribed sim.

    • Hello Ifeanyi, when you get to the direct link to the file you want to download, instead of taping on it, Tap and hold the link and it will display some options, choose to save linked file and the download should commence.

      • Had problems downloading but ur comments helped me! Kudos to you welldone n for those in doubt glo. Works with Q5 the only issue is that their network is soooo bad n poor! I hope dey do something about it soon. Thanks sam

  • evening everybody and special thanks to d blogger,I did it and it worked but I’ve noticed that any time I put off my phone, immediately it comes on, it’ll say I can’t verify my APN settings and it’s only small h that’ll show instead of d normal H and blackberry sign,at the top right corner, don’t know y, at the moment it’s still the small h and I’m not enjoying d browsing , please any idea on what’s wrong anybody? or should I change the Apn ?and what should I change it to if I should change it, need a reply ASAP please, not enjoying it *crying *

    • Hello Ruth, Glad it worked for you. The issue you are facing has got something to do with your location but here’s how you can fix it. Navigate to your network connection, turn off data connection for like 10 seconds and turn it back on. You should get the big H sign now.

  • I appreciate your effort Samuel. Please could you shed more light on how to use it. I’m using a Z10, once I send comonth to 777, I’m a required to do any other thing. Thank You. 07032222316 is my number.

    • Hello Micheal, Thanks for dropping a comment. No, you ain’t required to do any other thing. Just send comonth to 777 and it will be activated for you.

      • Good day lodgers, how have you all been? i’m a cool dude ready to help and have fun right here I’m an Engineer basically i’m here to give solution to all BlackBerry 10 glo subscription problems. I learnt that recently people are facing some kind of challenges on how to subscribe with thr Glo line on BlackBerry 10… please kindly add me 2AD1AC33 or call on 08054303590. I’m ready to help you out…Thanks

  • somebody told me about this plan and I’m still in doubt, don’t want to do It and It won’t work, please will it really work?? and if yes do I need to change any setting on my phone, it’s a z10 and must I share it with other devices, need an answer Asap please

    • Hello Ruth, If it wasn’t working, i wouldn’t post it nor still comment that its working. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you should have some trust in it. Even to this point, i would say YES its working and am currently using it to reply you because i am sharing the internet connection to my laptop via hotspot.

      • pls can i av ur number pls……my is 07039434801- onome..i was the one that asked if it can be used on laptop to browse

  • I did recently subscribe to glo with the code. Bbcmonth to 777 and 1k was deducted and I did browse for 2days but couldn’t access Internet ever since and recently check my bundle balance and I still have up to 2.9 gig there but can’t get it to work on my q5 help plz

    • Hello Bamidele, I would advise you contact the customer care service via 333. If you followed this post earlier, you’d realize that i use the comonth plan and that hasn’t given me any problems till now.

  • Omo!Glo is the best network in Nigeria oo..When I first heard about dis new package,i doubted it.But in d long run,i put it to test.Since then hav been having nice time browsing on my BB Q10 aswell oo.Just with #1000,u will be ‘rewarded’ 3G.isnt dat impressive?..Glo too much jare, other network sucks.Thanks for d ‘post’,samuel

    • pls Mr BJ, do u normally off ur data or logout your application on Q10 like, facebook, whatsapp and browing???, ple email me [email protected] or text, 07030963541. tnx you soo much watin for your kindly response thnks.

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