Have You Heard? UCWEB Browser Free Virtual WiFi Feature Added To Desktop Version

It is no longer news that UCWeb Browser is now available for computer. We even shared with you on this blog, a report on that alongside how to download the browser on your computer.

For some time now, i have been using the browser. Exclusively because i am currently having issues with Mozilla Firefox browser.

Just today, while surfing using the UC Browser, I stumbled on a new icon which seemed like a WiFi symbol. Placing my cursor on it, i realized it is a Virtual WiFi Service. Apparently, a new service added to the UC web browser without having to download an update.

Experimenting further, i realized it is a free WiFi Service On UCWeb Browser.

How Do I Mean Virtual WiFi Service On UCWeb Browser?

UC web browser free WiFi Service

With the new service added on the browser, you can share your computer connection to your mobile phone or other devices that has got wireless feature without having to install or use third-party applications.

Simply put, the new service helps turn your computer to a hotspot device for other devices.

Please Note: This service can only work if your computer is the main source of the internet connection.

What this means is, you will need to be using a modem in connecting to the internet on your laptop. That’s the only case whereby network service can be shared using the UC free WiFi.

If using hotspot from other device in sharing connection to your computer, it cannot be shared from your computer to another device.

Hope you understand that?

Furthermore, it’s good to see that UCWeb Browser for computer has added the spelling correct feature. Before now, you’d get a lining of incorrect spelling. However, the browser won’t suggest the correct words for you when you right-click on the incorrect spelling but now, that been fixed.

I am really loving the browser now and the UC free virtual WiFi feature added could be just another reason for you to stick to using UC Browser.

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  • when i click on the icon of wifi it gives an error ” your wireless adopter driver is not supported sorry ” now please give suggestion how to solve this problem , i have downloaded the drivers but its not working .. any help ?

  • Please i’d like to know if this glo bis thing still works on bb10 phones cos im thinking of getting a bb q10 phone. please i will be delighted by a swift reply. Thanks

  • I still can’t find this features on my ucweb. Did you update yours? what version are you using. Can you provide us with a screenshot of your Ucweb screen then circle the wifi features button. Thanks alot. Just wish this could replace connectify

  • How can I download android apps on my windows lumia phone (Lumia 635). is it possible with some sort of app that can help. there are some apps I want to download to my lumia but they are not on windows app store. pls help

    • Hello Fatman, take a deep look at the right side of your address bar. Immediately after the search bar, you should see a wifi symbol there. If still not present, close the program and re-launch it.

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