How To Unroot Any Android Phone Using SuperUser App

It’s no longer news that rooting most android phones are very easy. There are even loads of one click apps which aids in making most android phones very easy to root. Also, it’s no longer news that unrooting an android phone is also easy but how many have really seen this in action?

Personally, i haven’t had a chance to unroot an android phone (Maybe because i don’t see the need to) but i just had to do a quick experiment in regards getting this done and i am happy to make known to you that unrooting an android phone is very much easy and here on this post, I will be showing you how to.

There are many reasons to why you may want to unroot your android phone. I am sure you should know by now that rooting your android phone voids your warranty and your phone company’s free customer care service may not really help you if they realize that you rooted the phone or you explained to them that you root your phone.

Besides, some apps do not tend to work with rooted android phones. Example of such apps is the entrust OTP APP. However, amongst all, there are more positive reasons to why you may want to root your phone than un-rooting it.

Unrooting Any Android Phone Using SuperUser

Android phone Already rooted

First and foremost, take a look at the screenshot above. Take note of the time also and as you can see on the screenshot above, it’s stating ROOTED which means the device is already rooted.

Just for the records, i am using the infinix hot note for this tutorial and we had earlier written on how to root the device.

Steps To Unroot Android Using SuperUser App

==> Make sure you have SuperUser app installed. I would recommend downloading from Google play store. If you do not have it on your android phone, you can download from HERE.

==> Launch the SuperUser app, tap on the Options button and Tap on Settings.

==> Under settings, tap on Un-root and you should get a prompt to download SuperCleaner. Choose to download the app and wait till the download is complete and then choose to install.

unroot android phone via superuser app

==> Navigate back to the SuperUser app and navigate to the un-root option under settings from the SuperUser app. The SuperCleaner app should be launched and you should automatically be taken to the more tools page.

==> Tap on the Un-root tool and choose to grant. You should get a notification stating Superuser app will be cleaned and your phone will be un-root. If you still want to unroot, tap on Un-root and you should get a notification stating un-root successful.

==> Reboot (Restart) your android device and you can use the root checker app in verifying if the unroot process was successful.

android phone successfully unrooted

Another simple method to un-rooting an android device is by simply re-installing it’s stock ROM but then, that could be time consuming if you do not have the stock file already installed on your computer.

Besides, going through having to flash in the stock rom will clear all the files on the phone. You should only seek this option as an advanced option.

Do note, most of the time, this step will only work if you used the same app in rooting the phone in the first place. In a case whereby you rooted your android phone using Kingroot, here is the tutorial you should follow.

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  • Hi samuel, please i needs some clarify on how to resolved network on infinix x551. it will show network but when you want to call he show NO NETWORK and network signal is on, what should i do?

  • Thanks bro. It’s just that I have an issue with my HTC One m7. It has in-call audio problem. That is, you can’t hear your caller and your caller can’t hear you either. Everything else is fine, so, after searching ,I found out that it has to do with a bug that came with an update. And it’s even a global issue. And that an update of android 5.0 will fix the problem. I’m currently running 4.4.3 with sense 6.
    I don’t know how to update it coz its rooted and I can’t risk bricking the phone.
    I didn’t root it myself, that’s how I was given by a bro.
    All I have seen is custom rom, ruu, and flash etc. I’m not a techie. I don’t know what to do. Can’t perform basic phone function.
    I’ll appreciate any help.

  • If an Android is rooted, will it be able to receive android update OTA? And if it can’t, will unrooting it help it to receive the update?.

    • Yes Ahmed. It will still be able to receive the update but won’t be safe to update. You need to unroot first before updating.

  • Thank you Samuel for sharing your experience with us. This is actually educative.

    My observation was the application for unrooting which you were referring to is should be SuperSU not Superuser. Thanks

  • I have unrooted my infinix hot note x551 using Kingroot.apk but I’d like to ask if I should download the Lollipop rom and flash it without getting bricked cus when I update I my current version it does fail to update. Pls I need your urgent help on this

  • Evening I rooted my infinix hot note using Kingroot.apk now I can fully unroot, even using the unroot in the Kingroot.apk app is a waste of time. Any help will be highly appreciated

  • i have not been able to upgrade my Infinix Hot note, am always getting a “failure to upgrade” message, please kindly help with a solution.Thanks

  • i have an infinix x551..after unrooting it using kingroot.. i checked with root checker whether the operation was succesful. the message displayed on root checker was root acces not properly installed.. when trying to update to a newer version i received an error can i completely unroot this phone so that i can update it

  • hi I root my infinix hot with MTK app. I did so that I will able to have my glo line to be seen a bb on the first sim slot, now pls I want to unroot it again pls how can. I do that thanks.

  • how do you use king root to unroot? the super user is not opening after root
    kingroot runs automatically when launch and it sends you to the blue bar

  • Hello the Guru,
    I just read your post how to unroot infinix hot note using superuser and root check. Unfortunately, I attempted it but I saw a message that says,unfortunately, superuser has stopped. However, I uninstalled and reinstalled but still the same thing. Please, I need your help.

  • Guru samuel,pls help me out.I want to change my android(huaweiY320-U30)imei to bb imei but the mobileuncle is showing”not responding nd the MTK engineer app is showing “cannot find engineer mode under MTK setting

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