HSDPA USB Universal Modem : How to Make It Connect To Internet

HSDPA USB Universal Modem – When it comes to surfing on a PC, it actually require an internet connection and that’s where a modem comes to play a role.

What a Modem?

A modem is a device that serves as a medium to connect your computer to the internet  and of course, a computer cannot surf the internet without an internet connectivity.

Well, let’s not go into much talks.

I  want to teach or show you how you can actually connect your HSDPA USB MODEM to the internet.

How To Make HSDPA USB Universal Modem Connect To The Internet

Now i will assume you already have your USB MODEM and i would want to use MTN as an example here.

  • Connect your USB MODEM to your PC USB Port. It automatically detects and brings up the set up window. If it doesn’t, please refer to the Modem Installation Manual for instructions on how to install the device.
  • Locate FILE  at the top left of the window to bring down  a pop down options
  • Click Settings, and click New
  • Set it up using the following parameters (remember we are using MTN as an example)
 Name: MTN
Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
  • Click OK twice
  • Now click connect
HSDPA USB Universal Modem set up
universal usb modem window

That’s it.

Please Remember this tutorial is just for universal modems using MTN

If you intend using Airtel, configure using the Airtel APN settings here. Same can be done for glo. Just use APN as gloflat or glosecure. More details on how to configure glo internet can be found here.

Guess what I am trying to say is, make sure you use the correct settings of your network configuration. Most importantly, the APN. You can do away with the other settings.

If You  ready  have a  network modem and wish to unlock it to use any network sim, please send your modem IMEI  number to 090——– along with N500 recharge airtime so  that i help you u unlock it and send you the unlock code.


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  • Guys i really need your help. See at this pandemic I was trying to make my own hand sanitizer at home then i accidentally dropped it in the hand sanitizer. I quickly tried to dry it in the sun but after a day I putted it back only the lights turn on but no internet connection even the pop up don’t even show again. please 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️🆘😣

  • Pls Sam, I just bought HSPA+42Mbps Modem, I tried to set it by clicking on file then settings, I filled the boxes… Name: Airtel, Number: *99#, Username: internet, Password: internet, Apn: internet.ng.airtel.com but still saying disconnected. Pls tell me what to do cos I’ve been trying it since over 3days. Thanks

  • Pls sir I have connected to my universal modem and it connects but if I go to the network sharing where the show home network, public network, and work network if I then choose home network for a while it will be able to surf the internet well but for a while the network loading will become slow then it will still be showing the home network but in others it will be showing a parental control sign meaning I should choose another one but if I choose another one it will b slow but the home is fast but i want it to be steady than for it to be changing

  • Samuel please help me i installed my hsdpa modem on laptop windows 10 it worked everything worked then after sometime the app disappeared and any time i insert my hsdpa modem it will show insert disc what should i do ?

  • whenever i connect internet into my PC using hsdpa usb modern it keeps automatically disconnects why? please i need your help

  • Please Mr Sammy i have the HSDPA USB Universal Modem unfortunately it fail to detect any network signal, but i have installed it on my pc Win7. i need help to enable me diagnose the issue.

    • those of u complaining about the HSDPA modem it depend on the windows being used and also it can be the problem of your usb port and it could also be network instability.


  • hello, I have a universal modem HSDPA using the Telkom network. it’s not connecting with my laptop which is MacBook air…kindly assist

  • I just bought hspa USB modem
    I have tried all I could
    But it is still not connecting tried
    MTN failed etisalat failed also
    Please help me out

    • Pls my modem when i put airtel network it connected ,but when i put mtn network to it it disconnected ,pls what can i do

  • please help me out sir,How can i change my universal HSDPA modem to english write up. its showing another language i dont understand

  • Hello Mr Sam, My HSPDA Modem only displays 1 or at most 2 bars of unsteady network for all SIM used. It has refused to browse even when the settings have been changed. What should I do?

  • HELLO I have a HSDPA modem and i use airtel on it. whenever i connect it to my system,the network will go off and it will not connect

  • i have a HSDPA USB modem and i use MTN on it. whenever i connect, the data starts loading fast even when i havent opened a browser not to talk of loading a page. what can i do in such a case?

    • Hello Ayo. If you have a shared network, then one or two croonies might be using your data without your knowledge. Always make sure you check for all security loop holes before accessing the internet. Hacking has become a common thing these days!

  • I was using etisalat modem which I have cracked but I dropped it for sometime. but now that I want to start using it again any other network sim that I insert WIll but bring network. but if I insert etisalat the network will come up have put all network settings. but yet is not working what can be the cause.

  • Hello my name is Ambi Paul I just followed the guidelines above but yet it didn’t connect. I really need help.

  • I entered the information provided but when I double clicked it says ‘same name”. What does that mean and can I resolve it? Plse I need help seriously.

  • what’s happened with my laptot connection when a box inform me that the connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed. W hat can I do to solve the problem?

    • Simply use another sim card to buy data for the card in the modem…these is possible in kenya so i guess elsewhere too.

  • Hello can someone helpme out with unlocking me etisalat easy blaze modem I just bought I want to use glo on it model:MF190A HSUPA CE1588 ZTE CORPERATION that is all what is written on the body

  • Hello, I just got a hsdpa modem, I have installed it on my system. I inserted an etisalat sim, but I don’t know how to configure it. (The modem is universal) please can you explain how to configure it.

    • Hello Sam, using the desktop interface, go to settings and set APN to etisalat. You can leave username and password blank. Thereafter, you should be able to connect.

  • I have been trying the very same lemon HSDPA modem with no success. It authenticates n then changes to disconnected on all networks I have tried.

  • Recently I bought hsdpa modem,it connected for some few minutes and it stop connecting again for good am using cell c network ,what might be the problem with it ,should I take it back to where I bought it.

  • Pls my hsdpa modem which I have been using for a month start tell me disconnected anytime I try connecting it….pls what do I do…am using mtn sim

  • I bought this same modem, Hsbcb or what do they call it. I only use it browse let say one hour. But since then it is showing no usim.
    Pls what is the solution? Thanks.

  • Hi help with my HSDPA modem,it cant connect with the internet,I use mtn,and I use Glo at my home but in my office its not working on mtn or glo,help me please

  • My HSDPA modem is not working with my pc (windows 10). When plugged, it will not appear automatically, but when try to lunch from the icon on desktop, the system sound indicate it’s off and I will see “No Device”. I have been using this modem before now, but don’t understand this sudden change. Help please!

  • my hsdpa usb universal modem has been saying disconnected with all networks whenever i try to connect. You have not answered this particular question that has been coming in why?

  • my hsdpa usb universal modem has been saying disconected with all networks whenever i try to connect. You not answered this particlular that been coming in why?

  • hey i have just bought hsdpa modem …tryng to use with safaricom line its not working even after following the above procedure

  • I am unable to use my HSPA modem with virtually all SIM. It connected with mtn, etisalat and later glo, though the glo connection is uninspiring. Now, it doesnt connect at all as it authenticate and then get disconnected. I have an active data.

  • Good job, the information worked for my mtn on my universal modem but not on GLO pls give me the setting information that will allow me use glo”comonth” on this modem.VERY URGENT!

  • my HSDPA USB stick (HSDPA Wireless Data Card/modem) has refused to detect any sim card. it shows no sim card and ‘unknown’ tried different sims(glo and airtel).
    i previously used it to browse with glo and later with airtel and it worked, but today, it stopped detecting any sim at all.
    i need help please. thanks.


  • my problem is quite difftererent..jst got a hsdpa modem nd trying to connect to my laptop but after putting the apn, nd everything, it says’ same name’ when i click ok….whats rong?

  • i have just parched a used universal modern from someone but its felling to connect to internet when i open the mordem application its showing profile name i try to write there is no manual setting what should i do help me plz

  • My laptop was stolen and i already reported to the police i used to use it with my airtel moderm i was told i should take it the service provider for them to start the process on how to unlock it,so is it possible for them to find it please help :’

  • I bought 3G HSDPA Modem and i used it on a friends laptop who also uses the same type of modem and it worked perfectly But when i inserted it in my own laptop, it shows inserted sim, ready, but showing no service and Not Found.
    I use mtn sim and The APN is correct. And am in area were all network are stable and good.
    Even when i use other sims same issue.
    Pls help me out sir.

  • I’ve a HSDPA modem trying to use orange line in Kenya .. what are the settings coz its not connecting… it says authenticating for sometimes then disconnected…

  • Mr Sam good morning, my hsdpa universal modem shows that there’s sim card but network bar shows unknown and when I try to connect it shows authenticating then disconnected please help

  • I’ve been using my hspda universal modem, until recently its refused to connect at the same time its shows no sim/offline. Please what is the solution.

  • hello i just bought a new HSDPA MODEM and wen i insert it into my system it shows smefin lyk run setup and wen i click dat it shws smefin different frm wat u posted plz wat do i do. dere is nothing like file ornew settings

  • My HSDPA modem after installation is writing “failed to get data for count”. Pls, what does this mean and how can I tackle this issue. It keep popping up automatically and doesn’t allow me click on any other thing.

  • I just got the HSDPA modem, after setting up all network parameters in settings and clicking connect it doesn’t authenticate then disconnects. Connects on other laptops but not mine so it’s not the modem, any idea why that is?

  • good day sir

    i bought hsdpa universal modem yesterday, i am using Windows 7. it does not want to connect at all. the error message is dail failed: 628. i tried both mtn n 8ta.

    are there any settings that i need to do. the modem came with its software or maybe do i need to install drivers.

    please help

    • Pls i need help, this is what i don’t understand can i used my hsdpa mtn moderm for windows7 for unlocking phones because am a phone doctor pls help a brother

  • I have been using my airtel sim on my mtn modem for over 5 yrs now but I stopped using it for some months like six months. Now I wanted to use it but it continues showing error 628 without connecting. I need your help

  • most problem with the HSPD modem are hardware sometimes we don’t take care of them and they start malfunctioning. little water can cause them not to detect network and the way we keep letting it fall off from a height can damage it because its not strong. and the network IC might have shaken or gotten weak. solution ur HSPD MODEM are like ur cell phone so when it does not detect network before you condemn it try servicing it with just a tooth brush and little fuel make sure u clean the board of the modem very well and dry it either with a heir dryer or sun or even a rework station. and try connecting again it might work. if it does not visit a technician or d modem is dead.

  • my etisalat modem is not connecting(not sharing data) it telling me that the modem is already in use or is not configured properly.

  • It’s quite simple here guys, HSDPA modems are time bombs waiting to go off. If urs is working now, chances r it would soon develop a fault n stop working. Stop buying those kinda modems go for authentic network modems. Mine just stopped detecting network on my sim cards all of a sudden

  • stephanie plog in ur modem 2 ur computer u wil see 7 different operation menu eg connectinn. Statistic.voice.sms. Phonebook. Records ad ussd just click on d ussd ad put down ur rechard pin 4 any network inside d modem ad click on send ad dats all.

  • u cnt use glo bis on ur modem bcos glo does nt recognise ur modem imei as dat of a blackberry so try using it wit ur rooted android fone ad connect 2 ur pc via hospot den it will work.


  • Please I have been using an HSPDA universal modem but for sometime now it has refused to connect. Whenever I plug in the modem and it detects the network, I click connect but it refuses to connect, it just shows “disconnected”. I have used four different Sims on different occasions with different computers but the modem still fails to connect. Please some people are also experiencing the same case so please help us.

  • Good morning sir, pls I need your help. I just bought a new HSDPA universal modem using airtel SIM for it. I have already done my 2GB SUBSCRIPTION last night but the problem I am having now is on how to set it or configure it on my laptop. I have followed the link u gave here but is isn’t working. Pls send me the code or assist me. Thanks

  • i just bought hsdpa modem each time i connect it to my lenovo laptop it only indicate d insertion and ready also no service and not found. for all d networks i try. what is d problem pls.

  • Mr Sam, where you have the Signal(network bar), signs that you have inserted sim card etc. There’s something like key locked on mine showing data not connected.

  • Sam, Happy New Month. My ZTE Modem is not connecting(connection failed). Don’t know what to do again. I need your help. Thanks

  • Pls bro sam i bought hpsda usb modem,is only mtn and airtel s coonecting but glo and etisalat s not connecting…it keep on autentificating and disconnecting….what s the problem

    • Understand, please confirm that there is an active data plan on the sims and most importantly, you need to configure the apn for glo and etisalat. For glo, you can use apn as glosecure or gloflat while for etisalat, just use etisalat as the apn.

  • Pls I am using a universal modem but for
    sometime now it has refused to connect.
    Whenever plug in the modem and it detects
    the network, I click connect but it refuses to
    connect, it just shows “disconnected”

  • Hi.. I have used my HSDPA universal modem round the world working fine.. now in my hometown, I have inserted BSNL sim.. it detects network with full signal.. but it is not connecting to the internet.. what i found it is not acquiring APN of BSNL network.. this is an AutoAPN Modem.. any solutions for this?

  • i was browsing with the modem then it stopped i took out the modem and put it back and the computer stopped recognizing it. its telling me to download a driver and i cant find the driver…pls help

  • Hi sam, in my mtn zte modem, onli mtn Sims works. Etisalat nd airtel sim are both showin connect failed wen I click d connect button…pls how do I fix this

    • Cece, has the modem been unlocked? If no, you would need to unlock it before you can use other network sims in it.

  • Hi, I’ve been using HSDPA universal modem before, now I’ve changed a new s
    Computer and tried installing the setup but its not showing the setup anymore…..the entire thing is empty…..please what do I do?

  • Please if there is a way of trouble shooting, kindly tel me. It will always authenticate n disconnet or take off network. Please help

  • Everybody have been saying its nt working, I have similar issue with mine here too, I have fulfil all righteousness (active data plane, goodsim etc) to me I feel that hsdpa modem is fake, thank you

  • Am having problem while tring to use my HSDPA universal moderm with airtel sim card. When i insert my HSDPA universal moderm in my cpu, (that is using Window 7 professional) a dialog box will appear and when i click connect, it will connect but it woun’t connect or have asses to the internet. Pls i need a solution for this, thanks.

    • Comfort, do you have an active data connection on the airtel sim? And can you please validate that the airtel network strength in your location is good?

  • i just bought my HSDPA modem, while i was installing, my laptop went off, when i put it on back, it says failed to install, uninstall and install again. so i uninstalled the setup while the modem is connected to my system. now if i insert the modem it doesn’t recognize it again. please any help guys.

  • i just bought my HSDPA modem, while i was installing, my laptop went off, when i put it on back, it says failed to install, uninstall and install again. so i uninstalled the setup while the modem is connected to my system. now if i insert the modem it doesn’t recognize (auto-play) it again. please any help guys.

  • Pls i desperately need to unlock my etisalat modem

    Huawei E303u
    IMEI: 861195006668392

    Pls help me Mr Samuel sir

  • Pls i just got dis hsdpa modem and he no show hw to get bundle plan on it onlike mtnfastlink Modem pls is there anycode 4 dat or how am i to subscrib on it

    • Hello Seb, that could be issues with the airtel network. Are you sure you are using either internet.ng.zain.com, internet.ng.airtel.com, wap.ng.zain.com or wap.ng.airtel.com as APN? If yes, can you verify the airtel sim connecting well on a mobile device?

    • It means your universal modem doesn’t have those applied settings listed. Maybe you should do a manual setup. Click on settings on the far left top corner of the modem and add new settings required on the settings page, click ok twice and click on connect. Voilaaa! you’re connected

  • Hi
    My HSDPA modem stopped connecting all of a sudden. If i click connect it will begin with authenticating and then disconnected. i have been using it for some time before now. pls what could be the problem ?

  • When ever i connect with the settings above, it shows disconnected, check phone number or reinsert modem an try again

  • Pls I am using a universal modem but for sometime now it has refused to connect. Whenever plug in the modem and it detects the network, I click connect but it refuses to connect, it just shows “disconnected”

  • hello,
    thanks for your tutorials. please I’m using Airtel line. Is there any data subscription for using the HSDPA universal modem?

    • That means there’s no sim insected. If there is and it’s still bringing up that error, it simply means either the sim is faulty or the modem is faulty.

  • Please i just bought a HSDPA universal modem and it will indicate that a sim card has been inserted and “ready” but it will still show “no Service” and it wont connect. Please could some one help me solve this problem?

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