Full Information On MTN Unlimited Whatsapp Plan At N60 Per Month

In the last few weeks, it’s no doubt that MTN Nigeria has been unleashing a lot of surprises especially for smart phone users. Here on this blog, we have often been bringing them to the notice of its readers.

The most recent was the 6000 free minutes to call a partner which went sour as there was no proven means to add a partner.

I think that has even been discontinued because now I’d see a ‘Sorry!!! You are not part of this campaign. Text 11 to 400‘ message and that came shortly after they had reduced it from been 6000 minutes to 100 minutes. You can dial *559*10# to find out what yours says.

Anyway, MTN Nigeria has again unleashed a new plan which seem to be offering unlimited whatsapp at just N60 per month. Android and other smart phone users who are not scared of subscription cost might not find any benefit in this. This is only advisable to those who use whatsapp as the basic messaging platform on their phone.

How To Subscribe To MTN Unlimited WhatsApp Plan

To subscribe, simply have a minimum of N60 balance of your mtn sim and text WAM to 131. It cost just 60 naira per month.

Is this MTN Whatsapp Plan Really Unlimited?

Following report, it’s not really unlimited. I think by now, we should learn not to be deceived by the term ‘unlimited’ when it comes from ISP’s in Nigeria. Even the Airtel unlimited BIS plan isn’t unlimited.

The MTN Whatsapp plan comes with a data cap of 25MB. You are also given an additional 15MB bonus when you subscribe. The bonus will be used first before the main 25MB.

How Do I Check My MTN WhatsApp Data Balance?

Simply dial *559*2#.

Now, will you rather rock this package or the airtel whatsapp bundle that works with other basic apps like bbm, facebook, twitter and operamini with a data cap of 50MB for N100?

MTN BIS Still Works On Android and PC Using Simple Server

For those asking if MTN Bis still works on android devices and computer, Yes it still works via the use of Simple Server. And as for airtel users, the free MB codes we published on THIS POST still works for those who haven’t tried it before.

Guess you now have a lot of data options to choose from this festive season. BTW, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in Advance.

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