Setting The Facts Right : Tecno Camon C8 vs iPhone 6 Camera Test

Tecno launched the Camon C8 phone last year 2015 and ever since then, the camera has been emphasized on. During the course of promoting the phone, the Camon c8 was and is still praised for it’s camera.

Tecno mobile went as far as comparing the Tecno Camon C8 camera with the iPhone 6 camera. Even till date, the brand is still comparing both phone’s camera. While most people saw the comparison as absurd, it still worked for the brand.

iPhone 6 vs Tecno Camon C8 Camera

Yesterday, I decided to set the facts right by comparing both the front and back camera of the Camon C8 with iPhone 6 front and back camera.

Tecno camon c8 vs iPhone 6 camera test

I took random pictures using both the Camon C8 and the iPhone 6 and I tried as much as I can to give same exact shots. I am not a professional photographer in anyway. So please, make do with the little I could do. Perhaps, at the end of this post, you’d be able to determine which phone’s camera actually does better.

Note: The iPhone 6 features an 8 megapixels back camera while the Camon C8 features a 13 megapixels back camera. However, it has been proven that number of megapixels doesn’t always mean better picture quality. The sensor used is actually what matters.

Tecno Camon C8 vs iPhone 6 Camera Tests

So, let the contest begin!
Tecno camon c8 indoor back camera
iPhone 6 indoor back camera

Camon c8 back camera sunlight
iPhone 6 back camera sunlight

Tecno camon c8 back camera outdoor
iPhone 6 back camera outdoor

Tecno camon C8 front camera
iPhone 6 front camera outdoor shot

Tecno camon C8 front low light
iPhone 6 front indoor shot

My verdict, naaaaaah, I don’t what to be the one to decide which camera does better even though I already know the answer. Instead, I want to hear from you. Which camera do you think did better?

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  • I can’t snap at night with my Camon c8 front camera , because of the front flash. When it is put on, it covers this front camera. All I will be seeing is white.. Pls help me out..

  • Iphone 6 has a better camera.
    Not about the amount of the mp, if tecno has 20mp And iphone has 5mp, the camera of the iphone will be better, they are just writing 21mp it doesn’t mean, samsung galaxy s7 has the best camera And it megapixel Is just 12megapixel better than the phones that has 22mp, so it Is not the amount of the mp. Take note of that.

  • It is clear to notice with the pictures taken by both device and no doubt that C8 camera is far better than iphone 6

  • I think the back camera of the C8 is better and sharper, and also under low lightining. but the Iphone selfie camera is way better.

  • This comparison isn’t it. Tecno just has some beautification tweaks done to the c8 camera while the iPhone shows the real image. The front camera can better prove the point.

    In my opinion, the iPhone won jor!

  • While it may be cool to say Tecno’s back camera performed better, the image the camon c8 displays may be different from the original color of what ever you shot.

    In the case of the front camera, the iPhone certainly performed better.

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