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In the internet world now, more chatting sites, are into existence but the best social network so far is facebook. Other than that, there’s, Eskimi chat, Badoo and a host of others. Too many that you’d possibly loose count.

In my previous posts i wrote on some applications that support Facebook live chat, examples is the Nimbuzz application, ebuddy, and a couple of others. Unfortunately, today, most of these apps are no longer in existence or are no longer performing as they used to.

Today i am sharing with you another social chat site !

Smiggle mobi chat


Smiggle chat has been in existence for quite sometime now, and it’s settings have been modified. What this means is, it’s features have been modified for better experience unlike when it was first created.

Features Of Smiggle Chat

Listed below are some of the features of Smiggle:

1. Choose partner: You can choose who ever you prefer to chat with, male , female or both the chance is yours

2. ShoutOut: To get to throw a shoutout to members of the site..
P.S: Your shoutout only gets to the category of people you show to chat with i.e either male, female or both as started in 1. above

3. Age display: This is one of the new feature of SMIGGLE, i.e to get to easily see the age of the person you are chatting with, it is displayed right after the person’s name

4. Etc

Download Smiggle.Mobi Chat

You can easily download their application from their site for easy login and accessibility..

To Register, simply visit and register your account to enjoy this features.

Hope this helps?

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