Tagging On Facebook, Status Updates, Comments, Tag Friends On Photos Using Mobile Phone

Over the times, users on Facebook has always practiced the act of tagging friend into most activities they do on Facebook like comments, notes, status updates, groups etc.

To me, i think tagging a friend or friends to an activity on Facebook should be solely because you want them to see what you do, said or uploaded.

Now lets analysis this:

Tagging on facebook

Tag Friends On Facebook Status Updates

On Facebook, you can actually add friends to your status update by tagging them in it and by doing this, those friends added to the update will be notified of this via their notification page.

Have you viewed friend’s status updates on Facebook and came across updates with names that are clickable either on mobile or PC? That’s because those friend’s name where tagged in that person’s update and when clicked on the tagged friends name, it takes you to the profile page of that user(person tagged).

Wondering how you could do this?

Follow this steps:

  • On your homepage, place your cursor or mouse pointer on your status update bar or box
  • Click on the box and you will find a blicking cursor waiting for you to type in your message
  • Type in your message and when you get to where you want to tag a friend, simply type the @ sign, followed by the first few alphabets of the friend’s username
  • facebook automatically gives you a drop down of your friends using those alphabets, click or select the friend you want to tag, you will notice the friends username hyperlinked (clickable). Now you can continue your message and share.

Congrats! You’ve tagged a friend on your update.

You can add more than one friend to your update, just follow same process and fix the username where you want it to appear.

Please Note: This can only be done on pc(desktop version), you can also tweak this to work on mobile if you are using boltbrowser on desktop view.

Tagging Friends In Comments On Facebook

You can also tag friends in comments on Facebook, just follow same process for tagging friends on status update but the only difference is the comment. That is, you have to conduct this process on a comment page either on a friends status or something similar.

Tagging Friends On Photos

tag friends to photos on facebook

tagging friends to photos is one common thing that frequent fb users do and i think this is basically because it can be done on both pc and mobile and most people surf fb using mobile phones and devices.

Now, let me give you a break down of how to tag friends to photos on facebook:

  • First, click on the photo to view it clearly
  • Below the picture, locate Add Tags, click on it
  • A list of your fb friends will be displayed, select those you want to tag and click add selected, then confirm.

Thats it! You’ve added friends to the picture and a copy of the pics will be displayed on the friends profile wall.

Tag Friends To Notes On Facebook

Notes on facebook is a way by which you save activities, schudules, thoughts or anything you want through notes. It could be an expression of yourself or whatever, tho this is not privatized so your friends can view them on your profile way.

To know how to tag friends on your notes, read my post on how to add friends to posts on facebook

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