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The expanding reach of  cell phones, especially the rise of Android smartphones, has made social networking just a finger tap away.

According to the social networking Fact sheet generated by the Pew Research Center for Internet, Science, and Tech,  Almost 40% of cell phone owners use a social networking site on their phone, and 28% do so on a typical day.

Teenagers lying on floor with Ipad and mobile
As the facts state this clearly, the accessibility to social sites is amplified because of the smart technology that is the smart phone.

According to an estimate, 87% of the smartphones being used worldwide are Android. These smartphones help your teens socialize, and gratify their needs related to entertainment, knowledge or popularity. Now you need to know what comes under social networking.

What is Social Networking and what is the danger there?

To elaborate, here is the literal definition of social networking sites “Social networking sites are the dedicated websites and applications that are used to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to one’s own.”

The definition seems simple and displays the good side of the socializing but if you analyze critically, you will find the freedom that the site provides to your teen.

They can be anybody and befriended with anyone they find cool or similar but is it really safe? You can’t trust everyone online right?

Now, can you expect this mature thought from your teen? You might say yes, but before you give an answer to my question think about the parents of teens who trusted their kids blindly and faced issues like teen s$xtortion, teen mo!estation, k!dnapping, etc.

Teens are actively using social networking sites to meet their best matches and usually come in contact with sexual predators, or the catfishers there.

According to stats, 1 out of 10 profiles online is fake. Through another study it was  revealed that on a daily basis, 500,000 predators come online. This is scary. Their next target can be your teen so how can you protect them?

The solution is simple if you have a smart phone yourself. Download any good parental control app and start monitoring what your teens do both online and offline.

family locator app
One good example in this regard is FamilyTime that offers:

Web-browser history Monitoring

Parents can use this app to monitor their teens’ web-browser history, along with bookmarks.

Installed applications’ Monitoring

View the complete list of apps installed in their teen’s phone/tab.

Blacklist apps

After viewing the complete list of apps installed, parents can Blacklist any app they find inappropriate.

Track App usage frequency

Parents can also track their kid’s app usage frequency to see the time spent on each app.

View Contacts

They can view all the contacts saved in their kid’s phone/tab, along with additional details saved i.e. email. Parents can also receive automated alerts every time a new contact is added.

View Call-logs

Parents can also view their teen’s call-logs, same as they appear on the child’s phone.

Watch-list contacts

This app allows parents to add any contact to the Watchlist to receive alerts every time a contact is made from either side.

Lock phone

FamilyTime enables parents to remotely lock their child’s phone to reduce screen time, or safeguard private data in case of theft.

To give this app a try for free, download the app today from your App Store or simply click the buttons given below:

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