Banned From Sending Friend Requests On Facebook? Tip To Remove Ban

how to remove ban if banned from sending friend request on Facebook

it’s funny how people get banned on Facebook just for sending too many friend requests which are in return, not accepted or confirmed.

In my previous post, I talked on how to prevent your Facebook Account from being banned from sending friend requests but then I asked myself, “what about if one’s Account has Already been banned, Any remedy?

Funny enough, some of my friends on the social platform also asked me this same question. But then, I had to offer an idea. An idea I haven’t yet tried out because my Facebook Account is still functioning properly.

I thought for a minute “what could lead to an account been banned from sending requests“? And we all know the Answer. Too many unconfirmed request, or too many requests being sent, Perhaps!

Digging deeper, Facebook does not ban an account if the user sends too many request. This, I am sure of because I made quite a lot of friends sometimes back when i needed them. That trick of getting a lot of friends quickly, required sending a lot of friend requests.

Where the problem lies is when they don’t accept the request, I believe.

And after some minutes of reasoning and brainstorming, I arrived at a conclusion that could be of help.

Please NOTE: This hasn’t been confirmed as i earlier stated but you know what they say, “taking harmless risk doesn’t curse a thing‘. Alternatively, “its trials that lends to result“. I actually just fabricated that one lol.

Please, I urge you to alert me and other readers if this tip works for you by simply posting a comment below this post.

How To Remove Ban On A Facebook Account If It Has been banned From Sending Friend Requests

Now, so far so good, i believe one way to remove ban or lift the ban off your Facebook Account is to simply cancel friend requests sent to those who didn’t accept your request.

Here’s the logic behind the tip. You sent a request to too many users and they weren’t confirmed, right? Then the result is getting banned from Adding friends, right?

What if you cancel those requests, won’t you get your sending request privilege restored?
Simple logic!

Now, i believe the next question on your mind should be

How To Know Users That Didn’t Accept Your Friend Request

Hmmm! The trick here is also simple. However, the disadvantage is that, you only find out who didn’t confirm your request when they update their status. That of course, is if you can’t remember their profile usernames. I actually do not expect you to remember. I mean, they are too many right?

Well, here’s help.

When these users update their status, you don’t get to see the ‘LIKE’ and ‘comment’ button like others. Just click on their name and cancel the request.

Alternatively, go to your friend-list page and tap on sent requests. Therein, you can see those that haven’t accepted your request. A more detailed guide is available here.

Hope this helps?

If you’ve got questions, contributions or just want to say, kindly post a comment below this post.

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