Why Do I Keep Seeing Spam Links On My Facebook Profile Wall? Answer and Solution

If you are a frequent user of Facebook who understands the ongoing activities there, then i would say this article  might be something you are familiar with. But if you do not understand what it is all about, do not worry i will try and break it down.

Have you once logged on to your Facebook profile page and suddenly finds some strange link updates said to be posted by you?

Have you tried viewing your friend’s updates and come across some non-useful updates with embedded links? Yep! These are what i refer to as spam links.

stop spam links on facebook profile

Personally, i have come across lots of those on my friend’s updates via my news-feed but you can rarely find such on my profile page simply because i now know how to control them.

What is The Cause Of These Spam Links On My Facebook Profile?

OK, lets kick to the point. The reason why these links keeps appearing on your profile is because you gave them the permission. Did i hear you say how? I will explain!

Remember you clicking on Allow button for applications requesting for permission to access your Facebook account? Yes, that is where you actually did it.

N.B: Please do not get me wrong, not all applications on Facebook do this.

Those applications post on your profile on your behave, some even tag your friends in their updates which could be so annoying.

How Do I Stop Spam links on my Facebook Account?

Like i stated above, not all applications do this. All you need do is locate the important applications you trust ( i understand that most users on Facebook just grant access to every application that comes knocking for permission not knowing the effect) and leave them. Thereafter, simply delete the applications you suspect to be doing those.

How do you do this?

If you are on mobile, simply:

  • Scroll down to the end of your Facebook account and visit the settings page
  • Locate your privacy settings
  • Choose apps and websites, there you will find all applications that have access to your account
  • Now, remove those don’t you don’t trust.

That is it!

If you pc, follow same process though you have to go through the account tab at the top right side of your account.


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Hope this helps?

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