Glo Bumpa Plan Users, Take Note Of the Automatic Switch To Recoup Tariff

It’s been over a year since I have been using the glo bumpa plan and everything has been going smoothly until lately. For all of those who don’t know what the glo bumpa plan offers, the package offers you 200% bonus on every recharge and the bonus airtime can be used in calling all network.

For me, I use my glo sim basically for BIS subscription. Reason being that, it’s the cheapest and can be used on all devices via hotspot. In a bid to catch two birds with one stone, I would be given 2000 bonus airtime for every N1000 I recharge. With that N2000 bonus airtime, I can call all networks and talk for longer periods of time. While this sounds fascinating, call tariffs are charged at 50kobo per seconds and that is N30 per minute.

Glo Bumpa vs Glo Recoup plan

Couple of weeks back, I made a recharge of N1000 and that is despite having N6000+ balance on the SIM. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any message in regards the bonus airtime. I checked the glo bumpa bonus account and couldn’t find the bonus airtime I ought to have received. It was quite odd but since that’s happening for the first time, I decided to let it slide thinking it could be the network problem.

Few days back, I made an additional recharge of N500 on same line and yet again, got nothing. At this point, i became skeptical and it was only right for me to call the customer care service to find out what the problem really is. During the course of my conversation with the customer care attendant, here聽is what I was told.

You are automatically migrated to the Glo Recoup plan if there is no frequent recharge on your glo line. At this point, I really do not understand what they mean by ‘Frequent recharge’ neither was the customer care attendant able to give a concrete response. I recharge every month. Isn’t that frequent enough?

Anyway, moving forward, here is what the glo Recoup plan offers. I am sure you would want to know.

Glo Recoup Tariff Plan

The glo recoup plan offers a call tariff rate of 20kobo per seconds and N12 per minute. Just as other plans on the glo network, SMS rate remains at N4 per message. The Glo recoup plan also gives you 25% of every recharge made. That is, if you recharge N500, you get N150 as bonus and if you recharge N1000, you get N250 as bonus. The downside is, the bonus can only be used in calling glo networks.

How To Check Glo Recoup Bonus Balance

To check the bonus given on the glo recoup plan, dial #122#.

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  • Anytime I recharge my sim, it alway say that have credited my recoup plan with some amount depending on the amount I recharge. Pls what is this recoup plan for and have never been able to check it balance

  • So Mr Samuel I would really love for you to suggest a tariff plan for me good for daily usage as well as data bonus. Thanks

    • TB, Glo GBAM not the plus might be good for you. But it’s always advisable you subscribe to a data plan instead of waiting for free MB. If you re using an android phone, chances are, glo bis plan would work on it.

  • thanks for the info
    bt have been finding it difficult to check my remaining data after subscription. once I sent status to 777 they don’t send me any reply.Plz help me out

    • Dial *777*0#. That’s faster than the text format. Although, you may have to send that message like twice or thrice before it goes through.

  • Yeah, you are right. At first, I was getting lower % bonus during recharge, then later the bonus stopped coming. I thought the plan had been scrapped or my line had been marked for destruction (lol) because some others said they were receiving their bonuses.
    Later, the rest also started complaining same thing, then I became suspicious.
    What I did was simple; I migrated back to glo bumpa and the bonus started coming again till today.

    I also don’t understand what they meant by ‘frequent recharge’ because I load on my sim twice in a month.

    • I tire for them and the ‘frequent recharge’ thingy.

      Yes, moving back to the bumpa plan solves it. But the automatic migration thing ain’t nice.

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